I never knew it was so easy for you to be cruel.

Just think, we are struggling, still looking at the candles passing by, not understanding the future.

The relaxing memories these days are relatively late and short-lived.

Maybe after these two days of vacation, we will be busy again. Since we are busy with the final exam, we must also be busy with social practice during the summer vacation after the vacation.

I am also busy with various part-time jobs and earning money for tuition.

When we look back, we realize that the things we looked forward to in the past have now become things we have thrown away.

At least now it sounds like he's not as eager or as popular as he used to be.

For us, to practice programming language standards, you must master this ability.

But the most undeniable thing is that under such circumstances, each of us can see the kind of power we want.

Even if you see the heavy rain outside the window, you can clearly see that their departure is also appropriate.

So, for our love story, you will voice your complaints, which are a certain amount of love and regression for us.