When I gracefully wave my hand and say goodbye to this memory that has turned to ashes, there is a trace of unspeakable pain in my heart, but what remains is mostly only openness and magnanimity. Forgotten, and then no longer appear suppressed, began to return to that self-enclosed world, no communication, no exchange, everything fell into silence. Only occasionally feeling dissatisfied, feeling inexplicably irritable, will go back to touch the mobile phone that has long been thrown at the head of the bed and used as an alarm clock to play.


All of this,平淡, quiet, and stable, gradually corrodes the originally unruly heart. A word awakens the sleeping memory for a long time, and shows the new vitality of the thoughts that have turned to ashes. Can these be called a resurrection from the ashes?

I have been lonely and depressed for a long time, so I let the only love in my heart follow me and hide. There is a kind of love that is felt with the heart and cherished with the heart, rather than leaving each other an awkward situation, rather than making her feel very stressed... So I chose to hide, hide that love in the deepest part of my heart, let time dry the remaining memories, I still love you as always, because I have long told you that distance is not an opponent. I love you, there is no purpose, just be yourself once in a lifetime.

The cold wind whistled past me, couldn't help but sneeze. The baptism of the wind made me feel much more energetic, and suddenly I found that this is me, a real return. Walking alone, quiet, stable, not alarmed, not happy, not sad, not resentful... Even if it is wrong, as always, no longer look back!

Looking at the dark night sky, maybe it just lacks the baptism of rain!

It turns out that this is the feeling of heartache, and the fact will tell me: our love has been defeated by distance! Natural and unrestrained, carrying it alone, even if there is no way to go, even if there is no way to retreat, I am as always, drifting with the wind, mooring with the water!