False compromise can help you succeed, while true compromise can ruin you. Many times, what you strongly resist will bring bad luck to you. Good compromise is to recognize yourself in the big direction and stick to something that can bring good results and self-realization.

At present, it is to adapt to local conditions, do the best, and not be reluctant. This is false compromise, while true compromise is to deny yourself, feel unworthy, and then do something that is not suitable and not willing to do, which will lead to internal friction and distrust.

Although both are compromises for the present, there are essential differences. However, many people cannot distinguish between them and are prone to go astray.

Compromise is to help you succeed, everything is for your success, and the current situation can never determine you. Unless you really feel that you are unworthy, then I have nothing to say. If you say that you are unworthy, then you are unworthy.