Many people, once lacking love, don't want money or good fortune, but only want unrealistic and false emotional values in the present. It's not that they don't have the ability to get a lot, but a strong sense of lack makes people give up many pursuits that they could have obtained, and focus only on the false things, and end up getting nothing and being half-disabled.

For example, many girls who could have married well, but once they lack love, they like to act, like the excessive early-stage efforts of others, and end up getting nothing because what they want is not something that exists in reality, but a fantasy.

As a result, they lose everything that is most precious to them. In fact, if you think a little bit, you will understand that parents who can't give you love in childhood are not capable of giving it. Even if you point a gun at their heads, you can't give it to them.

They don't understand and haven't experienced it, so you can't blame them or force them. If you realize this early on, your life will no longer be stuck. Continue to move forward and you will find that there are so many things you can have.

The egg pancake in childhood can really be just a regret, and a whole food street can make people feel enriched. There are so many delicious things, have you ever eaten them?

Many things can be used for transition, but don't get lost during the transition and forget that you still have to move forward. If you can't get what you want for decades, try taking a few steps forward and see what happens.