Tears fall down, and the heart aches; the heart is broken, but the affection deepens. A wordless hug, in this life, what joy is there to live, and what regret is there to die! In the moment of a sincere hug, the emotion has already become eternal in our lives.

Fragmented memories are mottled and imprinted on my face, covering all my innocent smiles. I have been sad for a thousand and one nights, and my life is as weak as a candle in the wind, about to be extinguished.

Like a frozen little snake, lying in a forgotten corner, at night, I dare not remember who I am, and cannot feel a trace of warmth in this world. My sincere dedication may not be cherished. A heart full of holes, injured after persistence, and heartache in the end of love. Every unforgettable love is a sad experience. I really don't understand when steel will become soft around the fingers.

In this cold winter, a tender smile warms my frozen heart. The first thing after waking up is to want to snuggle up with you. If you can say affectionately, I have waited for you for so long, looked for you for so long, and now I have caught you! If you say so, I will whisper in your ear: If you love me, I will follow you forever this life; please never leave me.