Bitcoin has finally reached $70,000 and continues to rise. Looking back, it has never risen this high before. This is truly an All Time High.

At the same time, other altcoins have also risen across the board, returning to the levels of the 2021 crypto bubble. Considering that it took the Nikkei average 30 years to regain its ATH, the fact that Bitcoin only took a little over a year is astonishing.

The Dark Horse AI Stocks

Personally, I was surprised by the explosive rise of WLD, an AI-related stock that I casually held. WorldCoin completed Orb authentication around October last year, and since then, I've been granting every time it's distributed. If I had kept those without selling, they would now be worth about six times what they were back then, which is an incredible increase.

Doing Nothing Works Better

Whether it's NISA or Bitcoin, the more you get anxious about the ups and downs, the less successful you'll be.

The reason we get anxious is simply because we've experienced holding through a crash before. When it rises this much, we consider taking profits. Our basic stance is not to get rattled and buy more even if the price continues to rise, but we hesitate to buy, and that's what makes us anxious.

Considering this, it might be better to store them in a way that makes you give up, like putting your Bitcoin in a cold wallet and hiding it somewhere no one knows, and even you forget the location to some extent, with only the information displayed on the Ledger screen visible. In that state, you would never take the Bitcoin out of the wallet.

Affirming Ownership

The fact that I was allocated AI stocks was ultimately because I "held" them. In investing, it's important to decide where to invest, but in the end, what matters is whether you own it or not. I think it might be better to really think deeply about the idea of ownership.

Recently, there has been a trend of promoting a lifestyle of not owning things, but I feel that living with various possessions can also be quite interesting.