With the strength of an arm, the bones are clearly defined, strong and strong, yet gentle and tender to support the swaddled baby. The face is sometimes cheerful and sometimes serious, but also infinitely wild and confident. A touch of gentleness drifts out inadvertently, like the lazy sun in spring, lazily paired with a warm smile, warm but not strong, refreshing. His unskilled posture made his cool and handsome movements clumsy, yet extremely careful.

I grasped these hands, the hands that had accompanied me through all the stormy years of my birth, and looked at the baby in his arms, while walking with satisfaction, my other cousin’s brows were furrowed; then, I looked up at my brother. With an extremely gentle smile, my thoughts flew far away without realizing it.

I don’t know when I first saw this spider and its owner. In short, it has accompanied me through every journey I have recalled so far and has never been absent. I don’t know when I started to fall in love with this antenna, and I named it Fan. Ordinary world, ordinary hands of an ordinary boy. The wings of an angel who accidentally fell into the mortal world are beautiful and not exaggerated.