In April, grab a handful of sunshine and enjoy it all to yourself

The sun immediately delivered the bright message of today through the east window. I woke up lazily and looked at this morning. In late spring, the grass and trees were lush green, and the sun was very close to me.

I was concerned about my two new guests, the two fish named "Lion Head", and I couldn't bear to go to the toilet the first time I got up to see if they were still "alive". Fortunately, I tapped the fish tank slightly with my thumb, and the fish's tail fins swung violently in a panic, causing the water in the tank to jump and jump. It was great. Not only was it alive, but it seemed to have completely recovered from being taken away yesterday. The depression caused by the hypoxic environment when returning home. Good morning, my fish.

Along with breakfast, we debated whether dad or mom would send her to kindergarten this morning. Yaya was finally convinced by me and was led by her dad, muttering to her mom to pick her up early. What she was most looking forward to was that she wouldn’t have to go to kindergarten tomorrow. Today was her last day. day. After writing this sentence, I reread it subconsciously. It seemed to me that a junior high school teacher was dividing subject, predicate and object in a long sentence without any punctuation. Put it on the hot blackboard that divides subject and predicate in junior high school. Would our teacher Sun at that time also scratch his head? I hope, I just hope that it is not a bad sentence, or the wisdom of my short-lived Chinese teacher will be ruined by it.

In the passing years, my junior high school and the junior high school I taught are all vividly at the forefront of my memory. They all touched the most radical melody of my youth. Time has washed away the past and the unknown present in my eyes at that time. And my current "unknown" journey, even if it is still depressed and even if it is glorious, will be as indifferent as my current state of mind.

The moment Yaya stepped out of the house, she began every day of leisure and leisure that my husband envied me.

A kind of life is not whether you like it or not. If you get used to it, you will be dependent and unwilling to end or start a new one.

But more often than not, I am afraid of habits that I suddenly feel I shouldn’t have. However, people are generally lazy, and self-exculpation follows.

It seems that now I only have time to enjoy myself, and I am even more greedy.

Thinking about my flowers, I walked to the balcony and looked at each one without watering. There is also a flower pot that I bought with great interest in early spring. It is said to be a European-style flower pot. It is empty, so empty that there is no flower soil. Is this spring already over? Then I thought about what kind of flower to put there to match her delicacy and my love, but to no avail, I just let it go, like her master. Maybe one day she will have a flower so beautiful that I will be stunned with joy. The unknown tomorrow will always bring us grand surprise experiences in life that cannot be given to us step by step and logically.

After all, spring cannot be saved. Phenomenology brings us reverie about the passage of time, just like our awareness of our own existence. If we are aware, we will exist.

If time can be sold, then how many times will you invite me to buy your time and make me feel helpless?