I really want to say we met, even though this meeting makes me feel helpless and entangled. I still want to talk about the encounter in this life, even though this encounter has consumed my thousands of years of love and attachment. Encounter, the encounter in this life is the result of our practice in the previous life and the pull of fate. It is beautiful to meet each other. Once we meet, we can hold hands and walk the road together. Dreaming of endless scenery along the way.

Don't tell me how beautiful the sky was when we met. The only thing beautiful was the flying tears. All I know is that we have met each other, not only by our companions along the way, but also by countless disasters.

When we met, you said that I was your lifelong blessing, and that even if the world disappeared, you would have no regrets. When we met, you said that even if tomorrow was the end of the world, we could still look at each other on the bridge.

Meeting is really beautiful, meeting should be cherished. But we just meet. There are countless encounters on the road of life. If you can’t catch them, just turn around and leave! I don’t want you to wipe my tears, I can’t withstand your temptation, maybe I can only tell you that the days I met still leave traces in my heart.

I like snow, the snow dancing all over the sky. In those days when I met you, you gave me so much romance that I forgot that there was always drizzle in the sky. I like dreams, colorful dreams. In those days when we met, you occupied all the space in my dreams and made me invest too much real emotions in my dreams. I like romance, carefree romance, and in those days when we met, I was quietly paying for romance.

Can we still meet? If this life is just for meeting, I think meeting is so luxurious. If this life is just for meeting, I would rather be like two parallel lines, looking at each other happily. Without the beauty of meeting, there will be no pain of separation. Walking in parallel, we might still be able to see each other forever. The moment we meet, we turn around and go our separate ways, walking further and further away.

It's raining. You are walking on your own road holding an umbrella. The vows you met have been blown to pieces by the wind. Bit by bit, you can't pick it up. I know your umbrella is too small and can't hold much. of depression and happiness.

When the wind came, you turned around and left, leaving me alone in the wind, staring at your leaving figure. Is this the ending of the encounter?

Why do we need to meet? Is meeting really so beautiful? Why do we need to meet? Meeting can really break a person's heart? Why do we have to meet? When we meet, just meet. Don’t leave me with too much missing. Just meet when you meet, don't make promises for the next life.

I know that when I meet it, it is just fireworks in the sky. They shine brightly in your eyes and then fall. I know that meeting you is the stop of your life. After taking a break, you still have to start. I know that meeting you is just a care you shed in your spare time, and you will still let it go when you are done caring about it. I know that meeting you is your afternoon nap. After the pleasant happiness, nothing will be left behind. I know that even if I meet a strange flower, there are many such flowers in your garden.

I thought that if I put the encounter in my luggage and never open it again, I would forget it. But the weight on my back was too heavy, and I could never leave.

Then let's meet each other, it's just a beautiful and heart-warming encounter. You are a kite flying in the sky. If you don’t want to tie your wish to fly with a rope, then just fly. The sky is not only blue sky and white clouds, but you will also miss it when the wind and clouds are thick.

Don't tell me that we have met again. When we meet, we just meet. Don't stay, don't get involved. In order to meet, I have suffered and lost my faith. Withering quietly like a flower, a lifetime of cultivation is withered just for a chance encounter.

My encounter...