The distance you save now due to taking shortcuts will be compensated for by several times or even dozens of times the detours in the near future.

People who are too anxious are destined to have a difficult life.

Because people who are too anxious inherently like to take shortcuts and hope to achieve success in one step.

However, the reality is that because I am too anxious, it is difficult to achieve anything and there is no good outcome.

The matter not only failed to be handled properly, but also gave rise to more and more problems.

So, my life will become increasingly tired.

A calm person will calm down and take good care of life and oneself.

In the end, one can make their days more peaceful, fulfilling, and happy.

The biggest internal friction for a person is being too anxious

Everyone's life has its own unique rhythm.

If one blindly pursues a fast pace, it is oneself who will suffer the greatest harm in the end.

Life is our own, and life is also our own. We can be faster, but sometimes we also need to learn to be slower.

The scenery, people we meet, and experiences along the way are all important parts of our lives.

The process of enjoying life is where the meaning of our life lies. Don't be too anxious in life, learn to slow down.

Slowing down is not to stagnate, but to move forward better.

Slowing down is for better thinking, planning, and preparation.

Slowing down is to walk more steadily and further on the path of life.

As the saying goes, haste leads to lack of speed. Only by staying calm and composed can we withstand the ruthlessness of time.

Let yourself calm down, calm down, not in a hurry, and persist for ten or eight years.

You will find that you have already left behind those who were with you before.

At this point, you will no longer have internal friction.

All excellence is built on not being in a hurry

In Lin Haiyin's "Old Stories in the South of the City", there is a memorable sentence:

"My teacher taught me to learn from camels, calm animals. Look at them, they never rush, walk slowly, chew slowly, they will always come and eat."

There are nine out of ten unpleasant things in life. A truly excellent person is able to remain on a fishing boat regardless of the external wind and waves.

When you are truly powerful, it's not about conquering something on your own, but about being able to withstand something.

A truly outstanding and powerful person is calm and capable of handling things.

Even in the face of great challenges and hardships, one will not be in a hurry, maintain a calm mindset, and calmly approach them.

Then, like a camel, always walking slowly, chewing slowly, and finally slowly walking far, walking for a long time.

People should also do the same, allowing themselves to endure the lows of life and the loneliness of life.

Too many people have walked a long way, fallen many times, and even made many mistakes.

Finally, I realized that I had taken many detours, and if I wanted to make up for it, I realized that it was too late.

Because at this moment, I don't seem to have much time and energy to make changes.

The greatest regret in life is none other than this.