(A Holy Love of a Girl's Hostel Student)


The next morning, Mohan arrived at the college early in the morning. As soon as he arrived at college, he was busy with his work. After a while, the intercom on the table started ringing.

Mohan picked up the intercom. Mr. Arora was speaking on the other side of the phone. Mr. Arora was the head of the computer department and everyone in the department worked under him.

He had a dark complexion and was not very tall, but he was very dedicated to his work. He always arrived and left the college on time. He was almost 60 years old but still had the energy for his work like a soldier. He managed the department in such a way that the other departments also looked up to him.

Mr. Arora had asked Mohan to come to his office.

Mohan replied through the intercom, "Yes, sir. I'm coming."

After hanging up the intercom's phone, Mohan opened the door and went to Mr. Arora's office.

Mr. Arora was sitting in his office and working on the computer. He told Mohan to take a walk around the lab and make sure the students weren't causing any trouble.

Mohan replied, "Yes, sir. I'll go now."

Mohan walked towards the computer lab, closing the door of Mr. Arora's office.

When Mohan reached the computer lab, he saw that some children were working on a project and typing C++ language programs on the computers. Some of the teenagers were chatting, some were checking their emails, and some were simply passing the time.

When the students noticed Mohan's presence in the computer lab, they sat down carefully. Everyone looked busy with project work.

Mohan looked around and instructed them, "All students should focus on their work and avoid making any noise."

Upon hearing Mohan's instructions, the teens became engrossed in their work and began to think about their projects.

Mohan walked towards the back of the computer lab.

However, as he was about to turn, a female student sitting at the back table called out to him.

She said, "Sir, can you please look at my computer keyboard?"

Mohan turned back around, and he realized she was the same girl who visited the server room the previous day.

The girl explained, "Sir, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with my keyboard, but it is not functioning properly."

Mohan paused; he observed that the girl was typing on her computer keyboard.

He picked up her keyboard and began to type but he was surprised to see that the keyboard was working perfectly fine.

"You're saying there is a problem?" Mohan asked after he saw that there were no issues.

The girl replied, "Yes sir, I had a problem earlier, but I think it has been fixed automatically."

Mohan looked at the girl and saw something naughty in her eyes.

Mohan placed the keyboard in front of the female student and walked away saying, "Ok, do your work and type well."

But when Mohan kept the keyboard, the student suddenly said, "Sir, my name is Saumya, and I have come to college this year. Every day I have classes at this time. What is your name?"

Mohan was a little shocked by the sudden question. When he looked at the girl, he saw the mischievous gleam in her eyes again.

Mohan said, "It's a good thing; study hard and get good marks."

Saying this, Mohan walked away. But as soon as Mohan started walking, the girl again called out, "Sir, what is your name?"

Mohan answered after thinking for a moment, “You can call me sir."

Upon hearing this, the girl made a sour face and looked at Mohan with disappointed eyes. Then she got busy with her work after he had walked away.

Then, Mohan walked into his office and continued his work.