My Hello Lens Program

Hello, all you amazing Web3 Frens with benefits, $BONSAI, misfits, and $DEGEN.

#! /Lens/TheGreatestZen """Nice little icebreaker here. Yes, I'm a proud geek. Hello ladies in tech.I see you goddesses. """ """Type the following line into a Python interpreter""" print("Hello Lens Frens!") # Here is your first legit Python program :)

The ice is broken now let's melt it.

Year of the Tiger is when I was born,magical self-identified unicorn.A full-time geek and first-time author, If I didn't believe I'd ever publish, fuck it, WHY BOTHER?
"For my passion, pain, sunshine, and rain."
A life without art was my ultimate kryptonite,On-boarded in 2015, worked for Exodus Movement,Now every night is a crypto night.
Back to the basics, brushes, 36 black and 52 white keys,Strings, stylus, and KRK harmonies,From smart architecture to Smart Contracts,While deep in depression, I didn't know I needed art back.

A starseed, what that be?A 33 life path," Oh, okay, yea. Totally sounds like me."what's the meaning of life and I need the answer before I turn 42, Ah, uplift the consciousness of humanity through art,That's exactly what I'll do.

This. All of this and the stories of how we came to be will be in the book,An experimental narrative memoir, bigger than you and me,It's a read your own adventure, so as unique as we are,Every reader's path is as cryptographic as a hash
Come join me, take a chance with a roll of the dice,We're inspire and heal the world, one mind at a time, Along our journey to Mental Paradise.
Not sure if this is considered a nut-shell or not.

I feel much better now.

breathe() # Much better. We are all human and everything that is, embodied. vulnerable = True geek_mode_active = True fucks_given = False

When we believe in our minds that we don't know where to start then we affirm to ourselves an excuse to avoid failure. Wrong. Not trying, you've already failed. Failing and achieving 55% of your goal is fifty-five 100% successes, if you gave 100% for each percent. Any percent of knowledge and experience above 0% should be celebrated. Failing to celebrate all of life's atomic blessings, even the 1%ers, will round ones growth down to zero.

Over the last few years that I'd rather not tally with my fingers, my journey of personal and professional growth revealed a few things.

  • The art of simplicity
    • The art of duality
      • The art of Mental Alchemy
        I'll be sharing more specifics as I get settled in a Web3 workflow for publishing. Stay tuned for NFT drops, airdrops, and flip-flops through time in the mind of a fellow creative. I'll be needing beta readers very soon too. Whether you like traditional books, classical music, EDM, or audio-books with a mixture of all of these things, follow me. Yes, I know it sounds wild. Keep reading, please.

        Clarity wont come without its challenges, but every opportunity is one to embrace them. That's I did. On napkins, recycled paper, on my phone, computer, social media, and IRL, I captured the moments of my life and all lessons from my experiences. After a year into the pandemic, I was still writing and outlining my first book( Alpha to come). "Okay, this is life now," I affirmed myself as an author. The weirder things got in the world, the more I was visualizing a Sci-Fi Fantasy based on the memoir. "I guess I'll have to do that as well." After researching the statistics of success of self-publishing, how much money and time it takes to get represented, I had another Idea.

        "Surly, I'm not the only one with these goals to help raise the consciousness of the universe." The only thing that made the most sense is to creating a publishing company, minus the company. "It's like a DAO of DAOs." Everyone in my local PNW community laughed when I said it. Passion can be funny, I guess. But seriously, I've never seen anything like this and my goal is to work my butt off and appreciate every level I ascend to WHILE DOING.

        So here it is. I'm here to continue meeting amazing creatives from all around the world. With those interested, we will build a superDAO (DAO of DAOs). For digital and traditional publishing, builders and co-owners of the most bad ass creative work-spaces on the planet( likely), and what ever else we need to support ourselves, heal ourselves, and the universe in the dark ages.


        It's day 4 at this point, only the on-chain analytics really know. What a pleasure to delve into a new phase of my career in Web3. When not working as a cybersecurity ninja, support engineer, geeking-out, or on-boarding people in Web3, I'll be here breaking shit as usual so I can get to that next level. I'll never stop working on the book, trying to bring some of my childhood music compositions to life, or creating. Thank you so much for being here along this journey. As in the beginning of this post, I didn't know where I'd be going with it. Just like my memoir, it evolved and now I can't say that I don't know where to start. With zero expectations, I'll continue to give 100% for every single 1% and keep freakin going.

        # Did I put them to sleep? End flow of thought already. post_to_t2() # Now, time to keep building.