In the Tao Te Ching, it is said that good words are not beautiful, and good words are not believed; Those who are good do not argue, while those who argue are not good.

Zhuge Liang was known for his eloquence, often debating with others throughout his life. However, he said, "Great debates do not lead to arguments.". The highest state of debate is not to argue! For some people, silence may be the best way, silence is gold!

Zhuangzi once said in his "Autumn Water" chapter, "Summer insects cannot speak of ice.". That is to say, don't talk about winter ice with summer bugs, it's a waste of time. Because it has never experienced the cold winter, it has never experienced ice and snow, and in its world there is only spring sunshine and scorching summer. It can never understand what you mean by the cold winter of ice and snow, which is a waste of time.

This is like telling a blind person who has never seen light about light. You are very clear that you cannot explain what true light is because he has never experienced light.

He can understand the theory of light, what is light composed of, but that is not light itself, and he will never understand what true light is? Light cannot be conveyed, it cannot be said, it is an experience. Can't say, can't say.

Mr. Li Ka shing once said, "The most time-consuming thing in the world is to share experiences with young people. It's better for them to fall on their own than to say ten thousand words. Tears will teach you how to be a good person, regrets will help you grow. Pain is the best teacher. The detours in life are actually not missing a single meter."

Communicating with people at different levels is a long process of helplessness; Arguing with people from different levels is a pointless consumption!

Without experience, without experience. He has never been to the places you have been to, has never experienced the pain and hardships you have endured, does not know the books you have read, does not know the people you have met. Through too many obstacles, communication is a long and futile process. Sometimes only silence and a smile may be the wisest way.