We help children establish the correct concept of money, which is the best enlightenment for financial intelligence

What should the child do when they ask for money?

Step 1: Inquire about the purpose of using money before making a decision

If your child doesn't seem to need money, but asks you for money, there must be a reason.

If the child really needs to buy this item:

If the right to express oneself to the child is truly convincing, then it is enough.

I often successfully persuade my daughter to buy something that I originally refused.

As parents, don't be too narrow-minded. Don't always think that your child has their own life, thoughts, and social interactions. If you think that your child likes them, persuade them with reason and evidence. Don't just hold on and satisfy them.

2. If the child only follows the crowd and hopes to be like others in order to gain peer recognition:

It depends on whether your previous social views have been well cultivated.

I told my daughter very early that it is not necessary to do the same thing for a friend to accept you - she has brought elsa dolls downstairs since she was 3 years old, and I have to bring them too!

At that time, I didn't even bother with her and decided not to buy one, but I made a note in my notebook that I had to attend this class.

The next day, she happily took Elsa downstairs and before she even started playing, I loudly conspired:

Yesterday, my daughter and I discovered a very fun secret base that is especially suitable for children's picnics. I happened to bring a few snowcakes, does anyone want to go?

All the children put Elsa down and let her take her to the secret base!

She certainly didn't hesitate to leave Elsa who only got it yesterday!

The person who truly likes you, even if you don't follow, will also like you; People who don't like you, even if they do the same thing, won't like you.

Only your own characteristics and personality can help you attract like-minded friends.