30 years ago, a young man left his hometown and began to create his own future. His first stop was to visit the clan leader and ask for advice. The old clan leader was practicing calligraphy. He heard that a descendant of his clan had begun to embark on the journey of life, so he wrote three words: Don't be afraid. Then he raised his head, looked at the young man and said: "My child, the secret of life is only 6 words. Today I will tell you 3 for you to use for half your life." 30 years later, this former young man has reached middle age. , there have been some achievements, but also a lot of sadness. The journey back was long, and when he reached his hometown, he went to visit the patriarch again. When he arrived at the patriarch's house, he found out that the old man had passed away a few years ago. The family took out a sealed envelope and said to him: "This is what the patriarch left for you before he died. He said that you will come back one day." The wanderer who returned home then thought Get up, he heard half of the secret of life here 30 years ago, opened the envelope, and there were three big words inside: Don't regret.