Tasting tea is a profound art and enjoyment. In this process, we need to treat every cup of tea with focus and respect.

Firstly, observe the appearance and color of the tea leaves and feel their unique aroma. Then, brew with suitable water temperature to allow the tea leaves to stretch in the water and release their inner charm.

When tasting, it is necessary to pay attention to the color, taste and texture of the tea soup. Feel its flavor which may be mellow, fresh or elegant. At the same time, experience the lingering and emanating fragrance of the tea in the mouth.

Tasting tea is not only a taste experience, but also a kind of mental precipitation. At this moment, we can put aside the triviality, focus on the present, and appreciate the tranquility and satisfaction brought by the fragrance of the tea.

Through tasting tea, we can gain a deeper understanding of the broad and profound tea culture and feel the gift of nature and the crystallization of human wisdom.