A psychologist once told a story:

At the age of 3, in the park, the child ran and fell all the way, looking in pain:

My parents rushed over and said, "What did I say? Run slowly, run slowly. If you don't listen, did you fall again?"

At the age of 5, the child accidentally dropped dumplings on their clothes while eating and was at a loss:

My parents gathered around and said, "Why are you so careless! The new clothes you just wore got dirty again!"

At the age of 7, the child forgot to bring homework to school and was criticized by the teacher.

My parents mocked me again at night, saying, "If you didn't tidy up last night, you'll have a long memory this time!"

At the age of 10, the child once failed an exam and the parents muttered at the dinner table:

"What's the use of raising you", "Look at other people's children"

At the age of 12, the child was diagnosed with moderate depression.

The parents looked incredulous and said, "How could this be? We didn't do anything to him!"

The scariest thing about a family is like this - constantly consuming children on small matters.

It is clearly an unintentional mistake that can be ignored, but it always clings to it, chattering incessantly and persistently blaming the child.

Children who grow up in this environment often feel exhausted, like walking on thin ice, living in pain and oppression.