During the Canglu war, I don’t know what happened. But my father has always been a master of martial arts, and few people can defeat him. Even when he went to the battlefield, he was respectfully asked to leave by General Yang. He didn't deserve to die. On the third day after the news of the death came, I secretly saw a man in black coming to my house. He told my brother that my father had been poisoned. He was not killed by the enemy at all.

My brother is willing to swallow his anger, but I am not. He wanted to leave home and go to the north to join some killer organization. I tried to persuade him to stay, but he didn't listen, so I gave up.

My father has taught us since childhood that we must rely on ourselves for everything and not rely on others. The same goes for avenging his father.

Not long after my brother Yang Quan left home, I said goodbye to my mother. He went north and I went south.

Everyone learns their own skills to avenge their father.

I just feel sorry for my mother, who has no children around her and is helpless. But my mother has always been a virtuous and virtuous woman. She understands us and supports us in avenging our father.

She hugged me, stepped back and cried, no longer looking at me, Lian'er, protect yourself, let's go.