There is a little rabbit that lives alone in a beautiful forest. It always feels a little lonely and longs to find a true love. One day, the little rabbit met a little fox. The little fox is very friendly and gentle, and it quickly became good friends with the little rabbit. They played together and explored the forest, spending many happy times. As time passed, the little rabbit found that its feelings for the little fox became deeper and deeper. It realized that this was the love it had been looking for. However, the little rabbit was very afraid to express its feelings, for fear of losing the little fox as a good friend. Finally, the little rabbit mustered up the courage to confess its love to the little fox. The little fox felt very surprised and touched, and it also had the same feelings for the little rabbit. From that day on, the little rabbit and the little fox became each other's lovers, and they spent many wonderful times together, accompanying, supporting, and loving each other. This story tells us that love requires courage to express, and also needs to be managed and cherished with heart.