Today I was thinking about this, the integration of the shadow at the collective level is also the integration of the feminine, magic, intuition and the esoteric, especially in a western society where reason has dominated so much,

for those who saw Dune the movie there is a scene where Paul Atreides (spoiler alert) realizes that he is also family of the Harkonen, they represent the shadow because in the scenes that appear everything is gray, lack of color, gloomy,

when the protagonist realizes this he says that well, then we will act as harkonen, this represents the integration of what he rejected in himself, from here he has full confidence in himself and in the decisions he has to take, he acts with honor,

but also being a warrior, he awakens his subtle powers, the voice with which he makes others do what he wants that previously only the women in the film possessed, the ability to know what is in the minds and hearts of others and the ability to see the future clearly,

he overcomes the duality of masculine and feminine, of light and shadow and is transformed into something higher, this is what alchemists call the: the philosopher's stone.