It’s been awhile since I visited T2. So much growing everywhere in the garden and elsewhere. I have had to do some radical changes in my life to get back on the path of my purpose. I started with learning how to take my art and photos, turn them into NFTs, and attempt to sell them to get money directly to those in my area who need it through peer to peer transactions. I went to conferences, created my own curriculum to learn. Then, I got sidetracked, for the last two years. Yeah. I am picking up the pieces of walking away from the past two years in this space and returning to my art. As I said, so much growing in the garden. My curriculum has turned to practicing and experiential learning A.I. and art. I recently started posting some of my pieces with many in the vault ( I am 63 years old and been dabbling in art for years). My new pieces are astounding me. The materials I use, simple charcoal, pastels and photos with filters, are simple enough but the results mind altering. I’ve joined The Hig Community a few months back and learning all about it. I uploaded my first real collection on Zora of my therapeutic NFTs. I’m adjusting to letting go of what I thought was going to be and putting the protective layers back around my heart. It’s difficult letting go of something, even though it started as a distraction, became my world. I was even in the process of trademarking my project’s name, Onboard60. I was going for it, I was all in. I became my project. Between doing The Artist’s Way series workbooks( on the third), and diving back into my art, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends, I am becoming whole again, finding my mojo. Sic parvis magna. My mojo is me.
My collection on Zora is a Claymation series, and my account is Sababa ( can’t seem to link it here)

This piece represents me walking through to the other side.