I am a small drop of water, coming from a heavy fog in the early morning. I lay quietly in a rock crevice and looked up at the slender sky. ah! It turns out that the world is just a thin rock crack and a narrow sky, and he must be the master of this world. Although he is lonely, he is also peaceful. The sky became increasingly gloomy, with streaks of lightning flashing from time to time, and rumbles of thunder heard. ah! It turns out that the world is not just quiet, I am shocked by the colorfulness of the world. Suddenly, many new friends came to my world, and they told me: they came from the rain. We had a great conversation and I was eager to go on a trip like that with them. More and more friends squeezed in through the crevices, and we finally rushed out of the crevices together, rushed down the cliff, and merged into a vast world. Here, I have made countless new friends, some of whom are from the Yangtze River, some from the Yellow River, and some from the sky... They tell their stories together, play together, sing together, and travel together... ah! The world turns out to be a vast ocean, and the ocean is composed of me and my friends. From now on, I am no longer lonely, this is my world and my dream.