In this image of Splendor Solis we see the Black Sun, which in alchemical language is one more expression of chaos.

Chaos is formed of two great emanations, one was called the moon or mineral aspect and the other was called the sun or metallic aspect of matter.

This chaos thus described by alchemy is the one that traps our spiritual essence and leaves it prisoner.

The alchemical work will consist in attracting upon the chaos the initiatic light or Alkahest to dissolve the prison that imprisons us.

I think this year we are experiencing a collective alchemic process as civilization of "integration of the Shadow", that is how Jung described this process, many will fall, mostly those who can't integrate it and reborn like the moonlight.

See you in the other side.

(alchemical art was a way of transmitting teachings in a codified form through symbolism due to the obscurantism of the middle ages, it is beautiful, the art of the renaissance was greatly influenced by the alchemy.)