Lens/Apps thoughts from my POV and a Few others.

This shall be the last “free game” put out.

UI on many apps is lacking. It’s too backend heavy and not appeasing to onboarding an everyday web2 user. Design is necessary. (Orb and Tape show this is achievable)

Community though thriving I don’t see many community managers if at all with the apps. Having community managers will assist not only the apps but lens it’s self. You need front people not the devs that can and will assist and continue pushing the community forward.

Too many apps have an unclear purpose. As well as too many apps being similar with subtle changes I feel forces could be merged to allow for better performance and interface. If I can’t tell what you’re doing in 1-3 minutes max it’s too confusing

Onboarding thought clear on lens.xyz seems to be lacking clarity on the apps them selves. I recent seen someone question how to get their lens handle after they already had gotten one on orb and how to locate it to go on other apps.

There was a creator lead twitter space yesterday that also allow other to come and talk and ask questions. I feel this is a missed opportunity from the lens team and apps. To have creators be the “host” of a space weekly of some sort.