I myself feel a kind of sadness right now. Although I don’t have the kind of sadness that I felt when my partner insisted on leaving and then I was lying on the bed at home, about to die, but now I can actually smile. It's just that I'm sitting in my room now, and then I'm looking at the building in his house. The two of us are really diagonal, you know? Then there happens to be a lot of empty buildings in the middle, that is, no one comes to open those buildings. And his building is relatively high, and I can just see all his buildings from this room. In fact, it is the feeling of seeing things and thinking about people. As I said before, he was there. Although I had thought before that the two of us stood at the window in a tacit understanding and greeted each other, but nothing like this happened. Later, when he knew that he would see the window of his house and his room, he was a little shocked, and then when he wanted to pay attention to it, he would be . He is so shy, so he hides and pays attention. In fact, most of the time when he goes upstairs, he will subconsciously check his upstairs to see if the lights are turned on in his room.