Cannonballing into Galverse felt like a baptism into a neon-lit pool of a new internet culture and its possibilities. Straight from my laptop + smartphone screens, I was introduced to a new collaborative creative process, and the promise of releasing an anime was just a banger.

Shinsei Galverse is not your average PFP project; it’s a gateway to where Tokyo’s rhythm beats in sync with blockchain’s pulse, enhancing '90s anime nostalgia with the magic of Web3 and AI. All these elements converge towards the final product expected sometime between Q3 and Q4, 2024.

From the moment I got in, it struck me as different. It’s a slightly geeky-otaku hub, as alive and kicking as the Shibuya streets it draws energy from. But the neighborhood isn’t just a backdrop here. It’s rather the cultural core, the project’s HQ, pulsating with life as much as the tech and network driving it.

I mingled with the Web3 crowd, experiencing the good, the quirky, and the challenges firsthand. The 8,888 gals (minted-out in a couple of hours) became more than digital assets; they represented real people you might run into around the block or share late night ebi-mayo with at our favorite izakaya, SAI. On top of that I also realized I wasn’t just a crypto wallet—I was part of something that resonated with me on a whole new level; a celebration of the local vibes’ power in a sprawling metropolis, where a sense of community can make all the difference.

If you’re on the outside looking in, it might be hard to grasp. But here are some of my personal notes:

Litzy Matter #314

Joy & Nostalgia ₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎

A scorching afternoon of June 2022, while drinking a Dr Pepper: A PFP on NFTwitter slap me with joy and nostalgia. It had that Clamp-esque '90s anime vibe I’ve loved for ages. After researching Galverse’s roadmap—using Web3’s collective power to put together an anime—I was sold AF. I penned a blog post and snagged my very first gal, Kristy Web, on the secondary market. That was the beginning of something.

The Community and Its Power (ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)ꕤ.゚

Fast forward—I’m right in the mix, surrounded by frens. I see us not just as a community; we’re a trib3, bound by our shared passions for tons of stuff including anime, gaming, ramen, Y2K fashion, Tamagotchi, the Web3 space, highballs (for a bunch of us), and most importantly, our will to bring this ‘impossible anime’ to the Web3 space and beyond.

However, this endeavor goes beyond NFT holders showing-up their PFPs on social media. It’s a mix-match of distinct intellects, abilities, expressions, and life stories, all rallying behind the project’s target. In there, I truly sense the spirit of the Galverse, and so far, the time spent with them has been quite cool. With one of my gals tattooed on my skin, it’s a bond that’s here to stay I guess.

Regarding the personal connections—they’re the blood of what we do. It’s through these genuine, heartfelt exchanges that I’ve found a community nicer than any standard online hangout or Twitter Space. And in Tokyo, where the essence of the gals is most palpable, that’s where the alchemy occurs. Our online convos evolve into encounters, turning Discord and any socials into arenas for real-life connections.

This kinship has taken us from just being screen names to IRL pals, all hyped up about '90s J-Culture, and we’ve slowly moved from just building a community to speeding up the production of the OVA.

The Creative Process ദ്ദി ˉ͈̀꒳ˉ͈́ )✧

Going into the creative process is like navigating a universe where nearly every twist and turn is sculpted by the community. It’s not about launching this DIY anime; it’s about teaming-up to birth something both unique and experimental.

Here’s the whole thing: every NFT holder can contribute. You got at least one, you’re in the club. Discord becomes the arena, buzzing with assignments that offer each member the opportunity to imprint their creativity on the anime. It’s an all-inclusive brainstorm, where every input is treasured as we craft character arcs, design attire, envision anime scene backdrops, name characters and planets, and devise plot twists—it’s the entire spectrum. Clearly, it’s not just a handful at work; it’s a concerted effort by every gal, as much as humanly possible.

The team’s transparency also is gold. Every decision, every stroke of the pen made by Ayaka and the studio + collaborators, ends up on Discord or social media for all eyes to see. It’s not about fueling excitement; it’s about fostering trust. That way, we feel like we're not just conjuring up ideas; we're materializing them, and everyone gets a front-row view of the show.

The Impact of Galverse ≽^•⩊•^≼

Indeed, Galverse stands out as a key player in Japan's Web3 scene, uniting anime nostalgia with futuristic values, post-authorship concepts, and a shift towards collective creativity. This project is more than a blast from the past; it's a strategic move aligned with 2024’s internet/digital paradigms and the global crave for the ancient-future.

Moreover, the narrative resonates globally, transforming '90s vibes into a dynamic, community-driven movement. This mix of community ethos and innovations creates an environement where tech, web culture, and anime prod come together. In this space, neo-storytelling gives every participant a chance to shape the legacy.

✌︎꒰ ´-`꒱✌︎

Here’s my lowdown: As a pioneering project in the Web3 anime space, there’s no doubt future generations will look back on Shinsei Galverse!

In this ecosystem, every participant weaves a part of a larger narrative. RIP the zone between creator and consumer; here, the decentralization empowers community ownership, turning fan contributions into tangible stakes in our cosmic odyssey.

This is the Gals’ way to! Valuing passion for anime and the Web3 space as its currency.