My first international web 3 conference. I’ve attended countless events in Finland but never any of the international ones. Time for that to change.

In January I started to work for STRGL which is a design agency that exclusively does design work for web3 companies. I do business development but at the beginning I’ll be mostly focusing on getting sales rolling and further down the road everything else that falls under that category. In the past all the sales have been done by the CEO Kappe, but now I am trying to lift that responsibility off his shoulders. STRGL is really damn good at design and I feel proud to be helping such an upcoming Finnish company to grow and mature!

Kappe initially mentioned NFT Paris and said that it would be a great event to take part in as he had last year. He was gonna come as well and our Head of Design Rasmus said he might come too. So I got a ticket, booked a flight and started planning. I pondered upon the best accommodation and realized I actually have a friend who lives in Paris. Messaged him whether I could sleep on his couch. He agreed gladly. It's always nice to see your friends and if you can at the same time save a few bucks, even better! It goes both ways though. I really like to host my friends at our house whenever possible.

Three weeks before the D-day I looked through the side event list and picked some of the most interesting ones. One of my key focuses was gaming as that is one key area of interest for STRGL. We’ve worked with Flowstate Games and Metraverse and we’d like to partner up with many more gaming companies. I’ve also used Farcaster a lot recently and decided to make a TG group for Farcaster users in Paris. I shared the group invite on the NFTParis channel on Farcaster.

Side events I initially decided to take part in (+ events where I ended up going as well):

Thu 22nd10.00-14.30 8SianNFT x Sandbox: Croissant & Crypto: Cozy NFT Brunch14.00-22.00 BGA x Aelf: A UNIQUE WEB3 GAMING MIXER IN PARIS19.30-23.00 BGA x Aelf Connects Paris - BGA member only networking cocktail

Fri 23rd1st day of the conference itself(15.30-17.30 Farcaster meetup at Bright Moments cafe)(18.00-21.00 Phaver : Creators & Frens Happy Hour)18.00-22.00 Moca Fête - Mocaverse x Animoca Brands

Sat 24th2nd day of conference12.00-13.00 BrunchbyFidel18.30-23.00 BlockGames <> Pixelmon VIP Lounge(20.00-01.00 Pudgy Penguins x Memeland: Paris After Dark)

I was gonna arrive 21.00 on Wednesday and leave 06.00 on Sunday.