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Human psychology is something I find very fascinating. Most of the time when I'm out or in a gathering, I find myself observing the people around me and their responses or body language to what is being said or discussed.

As human beings, we have some things in common but are also different in many ways. Our upbringing and the type of environment we grew up in have an effect on our character.

Someone who has had to endure a childhood in survival mode typically develops a mindset where they believe, "If you possess something, it implies that I cannot have it." This mentality revolves around the constant struggle for survival. However, once they manage to break free from this survival mentality, their perspective on life shifts, leading to a more balanced moral compass.

Then you also see the other side of someone who grew up relatively comfortable and had things provided for them. When you aren't in survival mode, you see the world in a different way and sometimes from a viewpoint of "anything is possible." That doesn't mean that challenges and issues won't happen, but life is viewed from a different vantage point from this angle.

So picture these persons from different backgrounds, economic classes, or races and how they are likely to receive the information that's being passed. When delivering a message or talking on certain topics, you would be able to understand why some persons are responding or acting a certain way and not take everything they do personally.