I came up with a neat web2 idea. It already exists, I'm simply the newbie competition. I'm trying to make it as simple as possible. Feel free to copy me. I'm a total newb by the way.

Here's the idea: You click my music link, you must follow me on Spotify, then it will give you a free download of some kind.

You can also collect emails, create engagement, discount codes, etc. The more steps = worse conversion rate.

Since I release a track almost weekly, it would pretty much put me on your release radar every week. Even that conversion rate is low, but I believe that after seeing me so much in the app, you will eventually start listening and find yourself 20 tracks deep (I've seen recent SoundCloud stats, people listen to a full 20 songs then DM me).

I realize there are some web3 tingz that are similar (token gating, etc), but the truth is most people don't know how to use a wallet, etc yet and I'm doing this for fun but I do think it's valuable.

The link would also have a few other platforms to listen to like a linktree for a specific song (or one link that updates).

You can also do pre-saves but most professional artists or indie artists don't get much out of pre-saves. People are hungry. Feed them.

It would be cool if you can embed this onto your website as well, but not sure how that would work with an API yet.

Simple concept can get more complex but it's basically follow me and I'll give you a download with the least amount of steps possible.

Photography by Infinati