With the bright moon in the sky, I can't help but think of my relatives far away, whom I have never met, only a few stars on my body. They all have their own direction, and they may leave you.

I often want to have all the beautiful things, money, wine, and close friends. It may be my own fault, but I always lose them instead of possessing them. This kind of life is really too tiring. I really want to escape the pain in my heart. It makes me I forgot to breathe, and I really wanted to shout loudly, but I couldn't because my voice had turned into tears, drowning everything.

When the feelings flowed from the spring, I discovered the star, the Star of Friendship, which awakened the sleeping memory. Everything in the dream had disappeared, only she - still appeared in my heart.

Leaving, the separation at this time is for the reunion tomorrow. If we stay together for a long time, we will separate, and if we separate for a long time, we will reunite. Everything is changing, only the stars in our hearts are still blazing in the sky of friendship.