One cold night the king called Nasreddin to him and said, "If you're able to spend this night in the courtyard with only your shirt on, I will give you one hundred gold coins!"

In the courtyard Nasreddin saw a stone mill. He began to push it around, faster and faster. When dawn came, he was sweating all over himself.

The king got up and was surprised to see Nasreddin in high sprits. The king hated to lose one hundred gold coins, so he asked, "Was there a moon last night?"


"Then our bargain is off," said the king. "If there was a moon, it was warm. In that case even I could have spent the night outside!"

A few months later, the king and his men went hunting. It was hot summer and at the edge of the desert it was like a furnace. The king and his men were dying of thirst.

They turned toward Nasreddin's house in the hope of getting some water. Nasreddin was sitting in the edge of his well when he heard the voice of the king, "Nasreddin, bring some fresh water! Be quick and serve us!"

"Please make yourself at home," said Nasreddin.

"Where is the water?" cried the king.

"Right here, Your Majesty, you see?" Nasreddin pointed to the well.

"You only show me the water but don't give me a drink!" fumed the king.

"Your Majesty, if the rays of the moon can warm a person, the sight of water can satisfy his thirst."