Arthur's father was King Uther Pendragon, who fell in love with Igrayne, the wife of the Duke of Cornwall. With the aid of Merlin, a powerful magician, Uther took the form of the duke and so Igrayne became pregnant with Arthur. After Arthur was born, the magician Merlin gave him to a man named Hector to be raised as Hector's own son. Arthur grew up without knowing that he was the son of the king. When Arthur was a young man, his father, Uther Pendragon, died. People were worring about who whould be the next king, when a strange stone was discovered. Firmly fixed in the stone was a sword with these words on its handle: "I am great Excalibur, and at the King's side I am to hang." All the nobles agreed that whoever should be able to draw out the sword from the stone should be the next king. Many people tried, but nobody succeeded. Finally Arthur came and quite easily pulled the sword from the stone. Now people were convinced that Authur was pointed out by Heaven as their king.

Then with the help of the great magician Merlin and his powerful sword Excalibur, Arthur led his armies to many victories over Britain's enemies. After that, Britain had a long period of peace and security. Arthur married the beautiful Princess Guenevere. Later, he set up the Round Table as a meeting place for his knighgts. Arthur had several places for living. His favorite was Camelot, a castle in southern English.