The absolute criterion for measuring whether a chain is a temporary success or not is liquidity.In the early morning of March 30, Sartoshi, the founder of the well-known NFT project Mfers, announced on X that he would issue his own meme token mfercoin on the Base chain and issue airdrops to mfers holders. 100x in 6 hours. The wealth-creating effect of MFER has made many people who had previously dismissed Base begin to change their attitudes.At the same time, Sartoshi's approach has also attracted attention to many well-known NFTs from the previous cycle at this time. The community even compiled a list, including official promotions of NFT projects such as Penguin, RTFKT, coolcat, etc. Founder’s social account. Just yesterday, doodles co-founder poopie (Jordan Castro) announced the launch of the experimental Meme project poopcoin on Base and airdropped it to NFT holders. It is foreseeable that if a few more meme disks such as BOME and SLERF on Solana are born on Base, more liquidity will be injected into Base.