From the window of my room, I could seea tall cotton-rose hibiscus. In spring, when green foliage was halfhidden by mist, the tree looked very enchanting dotted with redblossom. This inspiring neighbor of mine often set my mind working.I gradually regarded it as my best friend。

Nevertheless, when I opened the window one morning, to myamazement, the tree was almost bare beyond recognition as a resultof the storm ravages the night before. Struck by the plight, I wasseized with a sadness at the thought “all the blossom is doomed tofall”. I could not help sighing with emotion: the course of lifenever runs smooth, for there are so many ups and downs, twists andturns. The vicissitudes of my life saw my beloved friends partingone after another. Isn’t it similar to the tree shedding itsflowers in the wind?

This event faded from my memory as time went by. One day after Icame home from the countryside, I found the room stuffy andcasually opened the window. Something outside caught my eye anddazzled me. It was a plum tree all scarlet with blossom set offbeautifully by the sunset. The surprise discovery overwhelmed mewith pleasure. I wondered why I had no idea of some unyielding lifesprouting over the fallen petals when I was grieving for thehibiscus。

When the last withered petal dropped, all the joyful admirationfor the hibiscus sank into oblivion as if nothing was left, untilthe landscape was again ablaze with the red plum blossom to remindpeople of life’s alternation and continuance. Can’t it be said thatlife is actually a symphony, a harmonious composition of loss andgain。

Standing by the window lost in thought for a long time, Irealized that no scenery in the world remains unchanged. As long asyou keep your heart basking in the sun, every dawn will present afine prospect for you to unfold and the world will always be aboutnew hopes。