Fox and cat are walking in the woods. They don't like dogs. Dogs will kill them.

Fox stops. "Can you hear some dogs?" He asks.

"Yes. They are coming to get us," says Cat. "Let's go."

"I am not afraid," says Fox. Laughing. "The dogs cannot get me. I'm very smart."

"Why do you say you are smart ?" asks Cat.

"I have 100 plans to run away," says Fox.

"I know only one," says Cat.

Fox laughs. "Ha ha ha ! They will kill you."

Cat doesn't listen. Cat runs up a tree. "This is my plan," she says."What's yours ?"

Fox is thinking. Fox has many ideas. "Do I do this ?" he thinks. "Or do I do that ? Oh no!"

The dogs are coming. Fox is afraid. He cannot think.

Fox runs away as fast as he can. He is not laughing now. Cat comes down from the tree.