A pink ribbon. That’s what I am now. How did it even happen? I don’t know. I simply woke up and realized I couldn’t move any single muscle of my body. I’m a pink ribbon.

For some people, it can be strange. Hell, I now it is strange, I am a pink ribbon, I should now. Maybe I ate something that made me become one, but is it really that powerful? I mean, how can something turn me into a pink ribbon. That thing must be radioactive as hell. I would have probably died only by smelling it. Wait, what did I eat for dinner last night? That thing could have poison itself. That did have some radioactive look, then again, everything in this town looks like a unicorn with minimum wage had made it.

Well, at least I am pretty now. Or a desirable object. A desirable object to be pretty? But how, because I am in my room. I am to be used by no one. No one knows that I’m a ribbon. Help.

How long has it been since this happened? When did it even happen? Was it during my sleep? Or right before I woke up? Am I an experiment of aliens that wanted to see if they could transform someone into a simple ribbon? Why me?

Well, at least I am not hungry. I mean, if I don’t have a body, I don’t have organs, which means I don’t have a stomach WHICH means I cannot feel hungry. That’s nice, I suppose. The only good thing I get from this experience. Oh, and not going to work. Wait, oh no, will they fire me for not going to work? Oh no no no. What will I do if I return to my original state? Wait, what will I do if I return… I would have to eat first but what ifI don’t return in time and have to fight to get my job back? But I don’t like my current job… maybe I’ll look for other one when I return… if I ever do.

Oh my god, what if I never go back to being a human? Will I stay here for eternity? Well, not for eternity. Do I even have the same molecular composition as a normal ribbon or am I made by my human cellules and simply shaped as a ribbon? Asking the big questions here. But who cares about those questions? It’s not as if I can ask them with my no mouth! And even if I could, I have no one who can listen to it. Such failure. What about my house? I am renting, there is no way I can pay rent in this… form. Oh god, I hope the landlord doesn’t throw my things away. Or, no, I hope he doesn’t take me as a normal ribbon and give me to his daughter. Stealing is bad, baldie, keep your hands off of my things… or me for all I care. It's the same in the end.

Now that I think about it, it's not that bad being a pink ribbon. I mean, it has been the aesthetic going around lately… Coquette they call it. They put pink ribbons in everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. I even did my little contribution to the aesthetic with my great (Im delusional) abilities in photoshop. But it’s funny they call it coquette because that was the name of the style women used during the french revolution. Either way, it’s funny seeing how the fashion always return one way or another in such different economical and social situations.

Why am I talking about this like that, am I starting to lose my mind? Like, seriously, it’s not that bad being a ribbon, yes, but its not something I would wish upon my enemy. Like, what am I supposed to do now? Count the sheep until I fall asleep? Start thinking about how miserable my existence is compared to the vast universe that everything consumes? Like, what am I supposed to do, seriously. I can’t even see if its day or night. Help.

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Ha ha, funny. Now I am resorting to this things to not being bored. Maybe I could create a new game. Alright, sounds good to me, I can try… I can’t come up with anything. I can’t even hear what is going on around me. It could have been centuries for all I care, and I am still like this. I don’t even like pink ribbons. It doesn’t go with my style! Could this be any worse? I could have been… I don’t know, some shoes or a shirt or whatever, but a pink ribbon? Seriously? If there is a god, they hate me for sure.

Alright, I should start thinking that probably I can’t back by now. No, I should accept it as a fact. I am a pink ribbon. That’s it, that’s my existence now. So… what should I do now? As if I could do anything! I can only think but… for how long will I be able to think? If I don’t hear any language, not even mine, will I lose the ability to think like I am doing now? Then where would that leave me? Would it be an empty existence filled with nothingness in my mind because I would no longer be able to even spell my name? That is not an end I want to suffer. Help.

Alright then. What should I think about? There are things I cannot prove nor test myself. But why transform into something like this… Now I have nothing else to think about except the concept of my own existence. At the beginning, I was alone, and now, I am also alone. So that means I have always been alone. No one will come looking for me, except the landlord for obvious reasons. But I know for a fact that, out there, no one will post my face on a post looking for me. How sad this existence. I was nothing and I have become even less than before, if that was even possible. So now, I have to accept this pitiful existence, just how I did before. I am a pink ribbon, and that’s it.