NOTE: This is a continuation of PFP 1st Chapter part 1 and 2 so if you haven't read that, please read it before proceeding here.


Letting out a sigh of relief, Yanako then walked to the back of the school where a mini forest rested. She then walked through the forest finding a clearing at the end of it. There stood a huge tree at the top of a small hill with its leaves creating a cool shade under it. Climbing the tree and sitting on one of its big branches, Yanako watched the beautiful view of nature in front of her lost in her own thoughts. This place is her secret hideaway that nobody, not even Sara knows about it.

"HOW DO I LOOK?" Sara asked Yanako while checking herself in front of the mirror.

"Beautiful as always." Yanako replied.

"Thanks! You should get dressed. The prom's going to start in less than an hour."

"But I'm already dressed." Yanako said proudly. She's wearing her favorite t-shirt and her newest jeans.

Sara stared at her as if she was from outer space. "Talk about fashion sense! You can't go to the prom like that!" Sara exclaimed.

"But I'm perfectly comfortable with this."

"Come here. I'm giving you a major make over!" Sara said taking a step towards Yanako with a playful smile on her face.


"Uh-oh... I know what you're thinking." Yanako said taking a step

backward. "I'm cool with this really! You don't have to do this." Yanako said with a half-baked smile on her face backing away from Sara who is taking slow steps towards her.

"Try to be a good girl and don't struggle." Sara said grabbing her. Yanako's voice of protest echoed through the whole dormitory as Sara began making her presentable for prom.

After a few minutes, Sara pulled Yanako towards the front door. "Let's hurry up or we'll be late!' Sara said.

"I'm not going out!" Yanako said in protest but can't free her hand from Sara's grip.

"Oh yes you are and there's nothing you can't do about it." Sara replied as they approached the front door. They passed by the mirror Sara placed near the front door and Yanako blushed when she saw her own reflection.

She can't believe her eyes for Sara forced her to wear a cute strapless cocktail dress with ruffles that falls above her knees. Her hair was tied up on a decorated bun as some of the hair that escaped the bun was curled as they freely fell at the side of her face. Her light make up matched the color of her dress. Her eyes were given emphasis because of the eyeliner and mascara and her lips looked very kissable with the pink lipstick that matched her skin tone coated with strawberry flavored lip gloss. She was stunningly attractive.

"This is going to be a great night!" Sara excitedly exclaimed as they walked out of the front door.

"Oh Boy... This is going to be very embarrassing." Yana mumbled to her self letting Sara pull her outside.

EVERYTHING was just as planned. The prom was held on the school's auditorium where the space was big enough to cater all the students of the school. The decorations matched the sweet atmosphere of the prom and the buffet table at every side of the auditorium was filled with delicious food from beverages to desserts.

When Yanako and Sara arrived, the auditorium was already half full with gentlemen wearing their best suits and beautiful ladies wearing their elegant and gowns and dresses.

A while later, sweet music filled the auditorium. Everyone started dancing with their partners while talking with each other.

"There you are my princess! May I have this dance?"

Sara turned around and saw her blond partner who looks very handsome on his suit, lending a hand to her slightly bowing. With a smile, she took his hand and turned to Yanako. "I'll talk to you later okay?" She said and then they both disappeared through the dance floor filled with sweet couples dancing

With nothing to do, Yanako fetched herself a glass of fruit juice from the buffet table and took a seat at the far corner of the room silently watching everyone around her while enjoying her chilled drink.

As her eyes randomly scanned the people in the auditorium, her eyes landed on the Zeichiro wearing a tux and leaning on one of the

decorated pillars of the auditorium silently watching the people around him.

Itching to strike a conversation with anyone available as a result of being bored, Yanako stood up and was about to approach Zeichiro when she suddenly felt a sudden thump of on her chest that made her gasped for breath as if the oxygen from her lungs was sucked out of her all of a sudden. She felt dizzy that she held on to one of the chairs to keep herself from falling. Still having a hard time breathing, she was about to call for help when she noticed that all the people around her stopped moving as if they were in a video clip and the one watching the video suddenly paused it. Her hand slipped from the chair that she held for support and she fell on the floor gasping like a fish out of water. Struggling, she reached out and grasped the leg of the table in front of her trying to help herself up using the table as her support.

She looked around at the strange unbelievable thing that's happening before her eyes. With confusion plastered on her face, she glanced at Zeichiro's direction only to find out that he wasn't there anymore. Getting more confused, she looked through the crowd of unmoving people and finally saw someone up on stage.

A strange looking girl stood there staring at her. The girl was wearing an all white long sleeved turtle neck dress that fell halfway above her thighs with the loose flare sleeves hanging pass her wrist only showing her pale fingers. There was a cerulean blue outline cutting her dress from the center down and from one sleeve passing through her chest to the other forming a cross on her dress. Her white socks reached just above her knees and her white boots reaches up until her ankles. Her hair was a shade of blue-green that fell just inches down her shoulders. She was wearing a white witch hat with a ribbon, the same color as the cross on her dress, tied around it. Her facial expression was unreadable but her dark blue eyes bore though Yanko as if she could see her soul.

Startled by what she saw, she moved a step backward. The girl pulled out a mysterious watch the size of her palm and held it skyward. Chanting words that Yanako never heard of, a ball of purple light started to gather above the mysterious girl getting bigger and bigger. Yanako was about to move another step backward when the purple light blasted roughly sending Yanako to the wall where she bumped her head hard. Trying to get her elf conscious, Yanako looked at the girl who is now pulling a big hand of a clock from her sleeves aiming the pointed end at her as an outline of the face of a clock glowed in purple behind the mysterious girl. In one swift movement, the girl threw the hand of the clock as big as a spear straight at Yanako who is struggling to stand up.

Yanako braced herself when someone shielded her from the attack. A masked man in a black cloak carried her up protecting her. His spiky hair is a shade of dark pink and his mask matches the color of his cloak. She felt her head getting heavier as her vision began to blur. She wanted to say something and ask a lot of questions but nothing comes out from her mouth. She heard a lot of explosions and she felt as if she were flying before darkness consumed her.

Suddenly regaining her consciousness, Yanako jerked up only to find herself rested on her bed inside her room still wearing the dress she wore at the prom. When everything that happened that night came back to her like a flood, she immediately jumped out of bed and checked herself on the mirror expecting wounds and bruises but, she doesn't feel pain in any places and she doesn't have any physical damage not even a scratch. Holding her forehead, she went out of her room and knocked on the door of Sara's room. In a few seconds, Sara opened the door wearing her pajamas rubbing her eyes as though she just woke up.

"Sara! Do you remember what happened last night?" Yanako franticly asked.

Sara yawned. "Yes. We had lots of fun. There was a lot of chatting and dancing here and there. We came home late together happily chatting about us having a blast. Look at you, you were not even able to change clothes and immediately fell asleep out of exhaustion."

"Huh? That's not what I remember. There was an explosion! and time stood still and there was this weird clock girl trying to kill me. All of those things happened last night. I..." Yanako tailed off after seeing Sara's confused expression.

"Yana, are you okay?" Sara asked the confusion on her face replaced by worry.

"Yeah!" Yanako exclaimed and manage to laugh at the ridiculous things she was blabbering about. She stepped back from Sara's door. “I'm good! I must be imagining things or maybe it was just a bizarre dream. Sorry to disturb you." She said and walked down the hallway to the dining room. She pulled a chair and sat there resting her elbows on the dining table thinking about what's going on.

Sara was confused and partly shocked on Yanako's sudden outburst but, she decided not to say anything and closed her door trying to go back to sleep.



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