Hello, This is unrelated to The Kingdom and the world of Aesor. I just had a written work I had found way back when I was in high school so that was like what? 10years ago ... I just wanna share to everyone how the ME before writes stories. This is just Chapter One of it and! It has so many Japanese names because I was so much into Anime way back lol it was a good inspiration to write this. It's like 7 notebooks bound in total to finish writing this story and yes i wrote it by hand. Let me just send Chapter One here and tell me what you think about it. I may have to cut it in two parts too here I think I wrote a long ass Chapter One
PS. This is gonna be cringe and embarrassing so read at your own RISK!


"Excuse me, I'm returning these books I borrowed two days ago."

The librarian looked up and smiled. "Oh! Hi there Yana! Good to see you again! Thanks for returning them on time!" He took the books from Yanako's hands and slid the book return slip in front of her along with the pen for her to sign. She signed the slip like she usually do and hand it back to the librarian where he stamped 'RETURNED' on it just as always.

"No, I should be the one thanking you. The book helped me a lot!" Yanako replied. "Say Mr. Watanabe, I brought my friend Sara with me today. Is it okay if we stay here and just look around for a while?"

The librarian chuckled softly. “Yes of course! You can do anything you want as long as you won't be a disturbance to the people around. This is a public library after all."

"Thanks Mr. Watanabe!" Yanako said and gestured Sara to follow her through the bookshelves.

Sara is Yanako's dorm mate and best friend. She is very cute and attractive. Her eyes are round and as blue as the sky. Her hair has natural big curls and is golden brown that reaches her waist. Her body is properly proportioned and her skin is as smooth and as white as milk. She is the type that people will really adore in just one glance.

"You really are a bookworm aren't you?" Sara said while looking at Yanako who is busy looking at the line of books in front of her.

"Why'd you say that?" She absentmindedly asked.

"It's too obvious! Even the librarian is your friend!" Sara said laughing.

"Well, I guess you could say that." Yanako replied still scanning the


Sara flipped her hair. "Don't you get bored reading this stup-"

"Aha!" Yanako exclaimed cutting Sara in mid sentence. She pulled the book out of the shelf. "Found it!" she faced Sara and smiled. "Let's take a seat!"

They sat by the first vacant table they could find.

"So, what were you saying again?" Yanako asked looking directly at Sara.

"It's nothing." Sara smiled and scanned the pages of the book she randomly picked from the shelves. "Why do you prefer staying here in the library than going out shopping?" She asked still not looking at Yanako.

"Well, it's more peaceful here and I can learn a lot of amazing things." Yanako replied while turning some pages of the book she chose. "Besides, I am not fond of going out."

Sara laughed. "As your dorm mate, all I can say is that I can't agree more on what you said."

Yanako smiled. It can never be denied that she is a bookworm since she spends her leisure time in the library or on bookstores. And judging from what she usually wears, she is a person that doesn't like to stand out. She is a complete opposite of Sara. She just wears simple clothes like a plain t-shirt and pants. She doesn't even bother wearing makeup. She ties her hair up and she wears glasses. You could only see her wearing a skirt on school days since its part of the uniform for girls.

"Oh, Before I forget..." Yanako took out a book from her bag and handed it to sara. "Here you go! I'm done reading it. Thanks for letting me borrow."

Sara took it and placed it inside her bag. "Did you like the story?" She asked.

"Yeah. It was interesting." She replied while reading the book in front of her.

There was dead air between them since Sara was busy scanning the

pages of the book she took and Yanako was also preoccupied with her book.

"Have you ever been in love?" Yanako asked out of impulse breaking the silence between them.

Sara stared at her like there are barnacles suddenly sprouting all over

her face. This made her uncomfortable but she just sat there and waited for Sara to respond.

When Yanako's words sank in, Sara's eyes widened. "Oh my God! Don't tell me your in love!" Sara exclaimed a bit louder than she anticipated and that made the people sitting near them looked at their direction.

"Shhh! Pipe it down! You're disturbing the others." Yanako blushed and made an apologetic smile to the people looking at them. Then she turned back to Sara. “No I'm not in love. Like that's going to happen." She laughed. "I'm just curious about it."

"Yes I've been in love several times and it's a wonderful feeling!" Sara said smiling.

"Oh. I see." Yanako said.

"Oh, by the way, I have to go ahead of you. I still have to meet up with someone today. Is it okay to leave you here?" Sara hesitantly asked.

"Sure! No worries! I'm okay here." Yanako replied smiling. "See you at the dorm later?"

"You bet!" Sara winked and strode out of the library after bidding her farewell to the librarian at the front desk.

After an hour or two, Yanako left the library and walked silently deep in thought along the road that leads to the dormitory. She stopped by the sweets shop and bought herself some of her favorite candies and a cup of ice cream. She sat by the park a few blocks away from the sweets shop and ate her ice cream while watching the people around going on with their individual lives.

Love... she smiled at the thought that not once in her life that she was able to fall in love with someone. Lost in thought, she was surprised that someone suddenly pulled the hem of her shirt. Looking down, she saw a cute little girl smiling at her.

"Here!" She reached down her pocket, pulled out the candies and gave them to the little girl.

"Oh! There you are!" A middle aged woman said approaching them. "Don't go running off like that!" the woman said and gently held the little girl's wrist. She then looked at Yanako and smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry for troubling you. My daughter is a little bit naughty."

"It's okay! You have a really cute daughter ma'am." Yanako commented. "Thank you." The woman smiled and looked down at her daughter. "Let's go! Say goodbye to your new friend." She said in an encouraging voice.

The little girl gave Yanako a big genuine smile and said "Thank you very much! Goodbye!"

"Yeah. I guess I'll see you around." Yanako replied and watched them walk away.

Throwing the empty ice cream cup in the garbage bin nearby, she stretched her hands up to ease her tensed muscles. She then pocketed her hands comfortably in her loose pants and walked back to the dormitory meeting different kinds of couples and families along the way.

"Love." She looked up at the sky and smiled. "I guess I'll know it when I'll be able to experience it." She then laughed at the thought and wonder if she'd be able to experience such.