Part 1

The villagers were shocked and scared when they saw the strangers. They hadn't seen anyone from outside in a long time, so they were really surprised. They whispered to each other, not sure what to think. They were so scared because they didn't know these people at all.

The villagers looking strangers

When the villagers tried to run away in fear, Togo, the smart leader of the group, came up to them. "Don't worry," he said calmly. "We're not here to hurt you. We know things are tough in your village, and we want to help.

Even though Togo tried to comfort them, the villagers were still too scared to do anything. That's when Saki, a brave young girl from the village, decided to step forward and approach the group

Um, excuse me," Saki said softly, her voice barely audible. "How did you guys get into our village? And why can't we, the villagers, leave or step out from here?

Tansi, with her big smile and friendly attitude, bent down to Saki's height, her eyes shining with kindness. "Hey there, kiddo!" she greeted cheerfully. "We came to your village because we heard you needed some help, and we're here to bring some joy! As for why the villagers can't leave, well, we're on a mission to figure that out and fix it, so everyone can go out and play again!

Rocky, looking all serious and strong, added, "Yeah, we're not here to cause trouble. We just want to lend a hand and make things right.”

Nik, with his determined look and sometimes quick to get mad, joined in, saying, "Right! If you can tell us what's happening, we'll do all we can to fix it.

Sinta, with her calm and caring attitude, nodded in agreement with her friends. "We're here to bring back hope and joy to your village, Saki," she said gently. "Together, we'll figure out how to break the curse that's keeping everyone stuck."

Saki Talking with 5 friends

After talking to Saki, they all began to use their powers to help villagers.

Togo, using his special ability to see into the future, tried to figure out what was causing the curse. But to his surprise, his power suddenly stopped working.

Tansi, full of happiness and bravery, tried to cheer up the villagers. She planned gatherings n festivities to make everyone laugh and enjoy themselves. But despite her efforts, the villagers still felt sad, and Tansi couldn't make them happy.

Rocky and Nik, using their strong muscles and quick movements, tried to tackle the problems in the village. They worked hard to rebuild houses, take care of the fields, and help the villagers with anything they needed. But despite their best efforts, things didn't go as planned, and the villagers still felt scared.

Sinta's efforts to help, some people in the village still felt alone and forgotten. Her comforting words couldn't take away all their pain and sadness. However, she continued to encourage them to stay strong and hopeful, reminding them that better days were ahead.

The five friends walked around the village, feeling confused because they couldn't figure out what was wrong. They brought Saki along, hoping she could help, and gradually, villagers started to follow them, hoping for assistance. They searched everywhere for clues to understand what was happening. Finally, they came across a large Banyan tree that remained green while all the other trees were dead. Intrigued by the difference, they gathered around it to learn more.

The Banyan tree

Togo's eyes grew wide as he suddenly understood. "The tree," he exclaimed, his voice filled with wonder. "It's the source of the curse!"

The others looked at him, surprised and curious. "What do you mean?" asked Nik, looking confused.

Togo explained, his voice filled with excitement. "This tree... it's protected by some powerful magic. It's the reason why the village is cursed!"

Saki looked up at Togo with wide eyes. "But why would the tree curse our village?" she asked, her voice trembling with a mix of fear and curiosity.

Togo knelt down beside Saki, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I believe someone cast a dark spell on this tree," he said gently. "And as long as it stays cursed, the village will continue to suffer."

Rocky tightened his fists, his determination shining through. "Then we'll break the curse!" he proclaimed, his voice filled with determination.

Nik nodded, his eyes glinting with determination. "Yeah, let's show whoever did this that they can't mess with us!" he said fiercely.

Sinta placed a comforting hand on Saki's other shoulder, giving her a warm smile. "We'll need your help, Saki," she said kindly. "Can you tell us anything about this tree? Anything that might help us break the curse?”

An old man sitting near the tree spoke up, recalling a tale passed down through generations. "Asura," he began, sounding scared. "They say this banyan tree once sheltered a powerful demon named Asura, a guardian of the land. But long ago, someone angered the demon, and in its rage, it cursed the tree.”

Togo's eyes widened in understanding. "So the curse has been passed down for generations," he pondered, his mind spinning with ideas. "But if we can find a way to calm the spirit, to make up for what happened in the past..."

Tansi's face brightened with hope. "Then perhaps we can break the curse and restore prosperity to the village!" she exclaimed, her voice full of confidence.

As the entire village gathered around the mysterious banyan tree.

Villagers Listening to the story under Banyan tree

Togo stepped forward to reveal the origins of Asura, the malevolent entity plaguing their land. With a solemn tone, he began to unravel the tale. Asura emerged from the chaos of the war between angels and demons in Dwaparayug. The curse of those who perished in that conflict brought forth this powerful demon, who fed off the suffering of others. His powers escalated with each evil deed in his vicinity, driving his relentless quest for dominance.


Before long, Asura took control of his birthplace, a village that had once flourished but now lived in fear. He delighted in their suffering, finding pleasure in their misery and despair. The villagers, living under the shadow of his oppressive rule, were forced to obey his every command, trembling at the thought of his anger. One fateful night, as the moon hung low in the sky, Asura stalked through the shadows of the ancient forest. His eyes glowed with a malevolent light as he searched for his next victim. Suddenly, a figure emerged from the darkness, a hooded stranger with a sinister smile.

"Ah, Asura," the stranger hissed, his voice dripping with malice. "I have been waiting for you."

Asura narrowed his eyes, sensing the power that radiated from the stranger. "Who are you?" he demanded, his voice laced with suspicion.

The stranger removed his hood, revealing a face twisted with evil. "I am Shukracharya, a demon's teacher," he replied. "I have heard of your dark deeds and I am impressed. But I offer you a chance to join me in an even greater power."


Asura's curiosity was piqued. "What do you mean?" he questioned, his interest piqued.

Shukracharya grinned, his eyes glinting with a cruel light. "I have a plan to unleash chaos and destruction upon this land, to rule over all with an iron fist," he explained. "But I need your help, Asura. Together, we can become unstoppable."

Asura's heart raced with excitement at the prospect of even greater power. "I accept," he declared, a wicked smile spreading across his face.

And so, Asura and Shukracharya set out on their dark mission, spreading fear and terror wherever they went. Villages burned, innocent lives were lost, and chaos reigned supreme. The people cowered in terror, knowing that they were no match for the demon duo's relentless onslaught.

During a dark era, there existed a village named Shambala where a boy named Kalki lived with his loyal horse, Devadatta. Kalki was known for his intelligence, knowledge, and dedication, although he sometimes got up to mischief. Despite this, he always treated others with respect. However, his nights were filled with troubling dreams of divine and evil forces locked in combat, with five mysterious beings aiding him. Though he couldn't fully grasp the significance of these dreams, he grew used to them over time.

Kalki With is Horse Devadatta in Shambala

As Kalki grew older, his curiosity about the dreams intensified, leading him to embark on a journey to uncover their significance. Along the way, he stumbled upon the ashrama of Guru(Teacher) Kripacharya, where he learned various skills including swordsmanship, martial arts, and even the arts and dance. Guru Kripacharya enlightened Kalki, revealing that he was destined to bring peace to the world. With newfound knowledge and purpose, Kalki set forth on his quest, determined to unravel the mysteries of his dreams and fulfill his destiny as the harbinger of peace.

As Kalki ventured beyond the boundaries of Shambala, he was met with a world unlike anything he had ever seen before. Everywhere he looked, there were towering buildings adorned with flashing lights, bustling streets filled with people rushing about their business, and strange contraptions that moved without horses or carts. It was a world dominated by advanced AI technology, where machines seemed to control every aspect of life.

Out side world of Shambala

However, amidst the wonders of technology, Kalki also witnessed the darker aspects of humanity. He encountered corrupt individuals who abused technology for their own selfish motives, taking advantage of the vulnerable. The world was consumed by greed, deceit, and injustice, leaving Kalki feeling disheartened and disillusioned.

During his trials, Kalki was fortunate to meet five mysterious immortals: Vyasa, Parashuram, Hanuman, Vibishana, and Bhali. These wise beings became his guides, offering him valuable advice and sharing their ancient wisdom and mystical powers to assist him on his journey.

Together, they confronted powerful adversaries and conquered challenges that appeared impossible to overcome. Through their shared experiences, they developed a strong bond of camaraderie and mutual respect. With the immortals' guidance and encouragement, Kalki discovered the inner strength to endure even the most difficult moments, inspired by their steadfast determination and timeless knowledge.

During their travels, Kalki absorbed valuable teachings from each immortal, refining his abilities and gaining deeper insights into the world. With their guidance, he became stronger, both physically and mentally, prepared to confront any obstacles that crossed his path on his mission for peace.

As Kalki and his immortal friends traveled to bring peace, they reached a village filled with suffering. There, they saw AI and demons tormenting the people.

Kalki asked a villager about the situation. The villager, scared, told them about the powerful demon Asura. "We're in danger," the villager said fearfully. "Asura is merciless. Even if you leave, he won't spare us. Please, don't stay here." Realizing the severity, Kalki and his friends knew they had to confront Asura and end the villagers' suffering.

On the other side, the demon's teacher, Shukracharya, learned about Kalki's intention to kill Asura through his foresight. Immediately, he rushed to Asura and informed him to kill Kalki before he could strike.

Asura, the powerful demon, sat upon his throne, his dark eyes narrowing as he looked out over the land. The prophecy had been foretold, a hero named Kalki would rise to challenge his rule and bring about his downfall. Asura could not let that happen. He would not allow some mere mortal to stand in his way.

With a wave of his hand, Asura summoned his minions, grotesque creatures with twisted limbs and glowing eyes. "Find this Kalki," he commanded, his voice echoing with power. "Bring him to me."

Asura's minions scurried out into the darkness, their whispers of fear echoing through the castle. Asura knew that Kalki was out there, somewhere, and he would stop at nothing to destroy him before he could become a threat.

Kalki knew that he had to do something, that he had to stand up against the darkness that threatened to consume everything he held dear. With a resolve like steel, he set out on a journey to find the source of the darkness and put an end to it once and for all.

As Kalki ventured deeper into the heart of the kingdom, he encountered many challenges along the way. From great beasts to treacherous landscapes, each obstacle made him stronger and more determined to fulfill his destiny as the hero who would bring down Asura.

One night, as Kalki camped in a dense forest, a figure emerged from the shadows. It was Pichacci, his form looming large and menacing in the darkness. "So, you're the one they call Kalki," Pichacci sneered, his voice dripping with malice.

Kalki In dark forest

Kalki stood tall, his eyes meeting Pichacci's without fear. "I am," he replied, his voice steady and unwavering. "And I will not let you destroy this land any longer."

Pichacci laughed, a sound that sent shivers down Kalki's spine. "Oh, you think you can challenge me, mortal?" he taunted. "I am Pichaci, the ruler of this realm Asura's Friend, and I will crush you like the insignificant insect you are."

But Kalki did not back down. With a cry of defiance, he drew his sword and charged at Pichacci, ready to face whatever darkness lay ahead.

The battle raged on, the clash of steel and the roar of magic filling the air. Pichacci threw all of his dark powers at Kalki, but the hero fought with a strength and determination that Pichacci had never seen before.

In the end, it was Kalki who emerged victorious, his sword piercing through Pichacci's dark heart. With a final cry of agony, Pichacci fell to the ground, his dark powers fading away into the ether.

Kalki stood triumphantly over Pichacci's fallen form, his eyes filled with a sense of righteousness and justice. The people of the kingdom hailed him as a hero, their savior from the darkness that had threatened to consume them all.

And so, with Pichacci defeated and peace restored to the land, Kalki's legend began to spread far and wide. He had proven himself to be the hero that the prophecy had foretold, the one who had risen to challenge the darkness and emerge victorious.

But little did Kalki know that Pichacci's defeat was only the beginning of a much greater challenge that lay ahead. The shadows of darkness still lingered in the corners of the kingdom, waiting for their chance to rise again.

As Kalki and his Immortal friends rode closer to Asura's lair, they could feel the ominous presence of the demon king looming over them. The air grew colder, and the sky darkened as if in preparation for the impending battle. Kalki knew that this would be the ultimate test of his skills and courage, for the fate of the world rested on his shoulders.

As he reached the gates of Asura's fortress, he could hear the sounds of screams and clashing swords in the distance. The demon king's minions were no doubt preparing for his arrival, and Kalki knew that he would have to be ready for anything that came his way. He dismounted from his horse and drew his sword, steeling himself for the battle that lay ahead.

Corridors of Asura's fort

As he made his way through the dark corridors of the fortress, Kalki could feel the eyes of the demon king upon him. He could sense the malevolent energy that surrounded Asura, and he knew that he would have to stay focused if he was to emerge victorious. Suddenly, a voice echoed through the halls, sending shivers down Kalki's spine.

"Well, well, well, look who we have here," said Asura, his voice dripping with venom. "The so-called savior of mankind, come to challenge me at last. You may have defeated my minions, but you will not defeat me."

Kalki squared his shoulders and lifted his sword, ready to face his greatest enemy. "I have come to put an end to your reign of terror, Asura," he declared. "The people of this world deserve better than to live in fear of your tyranny. I will not rest until you are defeated."

Kalki And Asura

Asura, with his towering stature and dark, twisted horns, stood at the center of the battlefield, his eyes burning with malice and power. The rebels, led by their fearless leader, Kalki, stood opposite him, their weapons drawn and their spirits unyielding.

"It ends here, Asura!" Kalki called out, his voice ringing clear across the battlefield. "Your time of tyranny is over. The people will no longer live in fear of you!"

Asura let out a menacing laugh, the sound echoing through the air like a thunderclap. "You foolish mortals think you can defeat me? I am the Asura, the bringer of chaos and destruction. You are nothing but ants before me."

But Kalki and his 5 Immortal were not deterred. They charged forward, their swords clashing against the Asura's impenetrable armor. The battle raged on, the ground shaking with each blow as the rebels fought with all their might to bring down the demon.

Asura unleashed a wave of dark energy, sending the rebels flying back, their bodies bruised and battered. But they rose to their feet, their resolve unbroken. Kalki stepped forward, his eyes blazing with determination.

"We may be mere mortals, Asura, but we fight for what is right and just. Your evil will not prevail!" Kalki declared, his voice filled with conviction.

With a mighty roar, the Immortals launched one final assault, their weapons striking true against the Asura. Slowly, but surely, the demon began to weaken, his powers fading with each blow.

Kalki after defeating Asura

"No...this can't be happening!" Asura growled, his voice filled with disbelief and rage.

But it was too late. With one final, decisive blow, the rebels struck down the Asura, his body crumbling to dust before their eyes. The curse of the demon was broken, and the land was finally free from his dark influence.

The villagers erupted into cheers, their faces alight with joy and relief. The reign of the Asura was over, and peace had returned to the land once more.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Kalki turned to his Immortal Friends, a smile of victory on his face. "We have done it. The Asura has fallen, and our people are free at last."

Asura lay defeated at Kalki's feet, his evil finally vanquished by the hero's unwavering courage and determination. "You may have defeated me this day, Kalki," he gasped, his voice fading into nothingness. "But remember, evil will always find a way to rise again. It is only a matter of time before darkness once more threatens to consume the land, perhaps in the form of the banyan tree in this village."

Asura lay defeated

Togo paused for a moment in silence. The villagers were curious to know what happened next.

Saki stepped forward and asked Togo, "Why did you stop? What happened next? What did Kalki say?"

Clearing his throat and with a charming smile on his face, Togo continued the story.

Kalki bowed his head in respect, his heart heavy with the knowledge of the eternal struggle between good and evil. "No matter which yuga it is, I will always be there, watching over things and making sure everything goes smoothly," he vowed, his voice strong and resolute. "I will always be ready to face whatever challenges may come, Asura. For as long as there is the light of humanity and love in the world, I will stand as its protector and defender."

After hearing Kalki's powerful declaration, Asura couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt. "Who are you?" he asked in a curious voice, sensing the divine presence before him.

With a smile on his face, Kalki revealed his true identity as the incarnation of Vishnu, the divine avatar destined to vanquish Asura and restore peace and harmony to the world.

Caught off guard by Kalki's divine nature, Asura's demeanor shifted. In a moment of remorse, he revealed the solution to break the curse plaguing the village. "One day," he began, "all the people of the village must gather and listen to my story. Then, they must offer purified Holy water, to the Banyan Tree."

Asura's words held a glimmer of hope as he explained that this ritual would release the tree from its curse, bringing an end to the village's suffering and freeing them from the grip of darkness.

And as the stars twinkled overhead, casting their gentle light upon the battlefield, the villagers knew that they would never forget the day when they had risen up against the Asura and emerged victorious. The fall of the demon marked a new chapter in their history, a testament to the power of courage, unity, and the indomitable spirit of the human heart.

With Asura's revelation, Togo, Tansi, Rocky, Nik and Sinta knew what they had to do. They rallied the villagers, explaining Asura's plan to break the curse and bring an end to their suffering. The villagers, filled with hope and determination, eagerly agreed to carry out the ritual.

The next day, the entire village gathered beneath the ancient banyan tree, their hearts filled with anticipation. Togo, Tansi, Rocky, Nik, And Sinta stood at the forefront, ready to guide them through the ceremony.

Asura's story was recounted, a tale of darkness and redemption that had plagued the village for generations. The villagers listened intently, their eyes filled with a mixture of fear and hope.

Then, as the sun reached its zenith, the villagers stepped forward one by one, offering purified holy water to the banyan tree. With each offering, a sense of peace and tranquility washed over the village, the weight of the curse lifting from their shoulders.

And as the final drop of holy water touched the ground, a miraculous transformation occurred. The banyan tree shimmered with a radiant light, its branches reaching out like welcoming arms. The air was filled with the sound of birdsong, and the once barren land bloomed with life.

The curse was broken, and the village of Paatal was reborn.

Booming Village

The villagers rejoiced, their hearts overflowing with gratitude for Togo, Tansi, Rocky, Nik and Sinta. They knew that they owed their newfound happiness and prosperity to the brave heroes who had come to their aid.

As the celebrations began to wind down, Saki approached Togo, Tansi, Rocky, Nik and Sinta with a curious expression. "You've brought so much happiness to our village," she said, her eyes shining with gratitude. "But who are you really?"

The friends exchanged knowing smiles before Togo, Rocky and Nik stepped forward to answer. "We are immortals," they replied, their voice filled with warmth. "We came to your village to help break the curse and bring peace back to your lives."

Saki's eyes widened in amazement as she looked at each of them in turn. "Immortals?" she repeated, her voice filled with wonder.

With a nod, Tansi and Sinta placed a reassuring hand on Saki's shoulder. "Yes," They said softly. "But now our work here is done. It's time for us to move on."

As they turned to leave the village behind, the villagers gathered around them, their faces alight with gratitude and admiration. With one final wave, Togo, Tansi, Rocky, Nik and Sinta rode off into the sunset, leaving behind a village filled with hope, love, and endless possibilities. And though the road ahead would surely be filled with challenges, they knew that as long as they stood together, they could overcome anything that came their way.

For in the end, it was the power of unity and the triumph of the human spirit that would ultimately prevail, shining bright like the eternal light of the stars above.

Immortal friends

Team Immortals

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    • Sinta
      • Rocky
        • Nmaravante
          • Tansi