@binance@binancezh 为新用户放送ETHFI福利活动,拉新、合约活动双双上线!

新用户活动期间内通过邀请码注册:https://binance.com/zh-CN/join?ref=Y6AVNLW7…,完成一笔交易。注册币安并完成一笔交易的前1600名用户,每人可获得5枚 ETHFI奖励; 在活动期内有效参与的其余用户,将共同瓜分8,000 ETHFI!

3/14日 08:00 - 3/17 07:59(东八区时间)! 报名链接:https://binance.com/zh-CN/join?ref=Y6AVNLW7…Translated from Chinese by

@binance@binancezh ETHFI welfare activities are launched for new users, and new recruitment and contract activities are both online!

During the new user activity period, register through the invitation code: https://binance.com/zh-CN/join?ref=Y6AVNLW7… and complete a transaction. The first 1,600 users who register on Binance and complete a transaction will each receive 5 ETHFI rewards; The remaining users who effectively participate during the event period will share 8,000 ETHFI!

08:00 on 3/14 - 07:59 on 3/17 (East 8th District time)! Registration link:Was this translation accurate? Give us feedback so we can improve: