Launchpads are a great way to fundraise for crypto projects, and an even better way for investors to get an early token allocation of future unicorns. However, pre-sales of tokens to non-accredited investors can raise serious eyebrows of regulators, not just the US ones… aka the SEC! For the past several months, many crypto projects have forsaken raising funds through pre-sales and have instead focused on managing points systems combined with various staking mechanisms (Drift, MarginFi, Kamino, LayerBank, EigenLayer, Blast, etc). The results have been outstanding and crypto enthusiasts have been farming such points in the hope of being recipients of potential airdrops. To this date, all these points systems have been managed by the project themselves, which is very risky since many projects could be scammers doing rug-pull, or siphoning all your crypto assets the moment you connect your wallet. Meanwhile, there have been a few different quest-related web applications managing point systems, however these quests have been focusing on vanity metrics instead of revenue generation engines, and we think there is a better way.

We are preparing the launch of Civitas (currently in private alpha test), a stakingpad dedicated to supporting early stage crypto projects in building their community while fundraising for the projects we support. We are looking for alpha testers to come give us a hand (signup here for a chance to join the private alpha) with launching this revolutionary product.


Instead of buying tokens in a pre-sale, a stakingpad allows users to stake Ethereum, USDT, and other trusted crypto assets in order to collect points. There will be no yield provided to stakers, instead stakers will receive points which will qualify them for various rewards. Given that there is no expectation of profits, then there is no issue with SEC and other regulatory entities. Imagine you want to pay for a LinkedIn Sales Navigator monthly subscription but instead of paying for it, you stake ETH and the yield generated is covering the subscription cost, this is what we are building, except it’s not for LinkedIn, it’s to support various crypto projects of your choice depending on the vault you pick.

As well, depending on the vaults, the points may be greater or lower than other vaults because there may be additional risks involved due to the way we generate the yield from staking on Lido, to staking on EigenLayer, to yield farming, and finally to market making.

Our company negotiates various rewards from projects that we invest in, and these rewards will be distributed to our stakers. Note that some vaults that generate the most points, also will have additional risks of partial or complete loss of the staking capital, so stakers should be aware of the risks, and only stake capital they are willing to lose in these high risk vaults. Under normal circumstances, the stakes will be returned to the users after the locking period completes, which is typically at the TGE of the project, or if a project collapses pre-TGE.

There should be no expectation that stakers will be receiving a airdrop, if we were to make such a suggestion this would be a legal and regulated activity in the eye of regulators, so our users should consider that the yield sacrificed is meant to support various projects in launching their technology and making the ecosystem and crypto industry better. We are not offering an investment opportunity here.

Early stage web3 projects

Thus far we have secured rewards from a few different projects for our launch, and these rewards will be announced shortly:

  • Web3onboarding features a 6 step onboarding system, propelled by a fiat to crypto exchange, web3 domain market, the 1site web3 platform developer, and an affiliate program that has monetized the growth of web3
    • Burst is a meme coin with a plan to survive the next crypto bubble crash
      • Curator, a project management system optimized for web3 and decentralized autonomous organization that will power next generation AI-powered code generation technologies
        • Smooth, a market making as a service infrastructure to significantly reduce the risk of token price collapse while generating significant revenues for web3 economies (note I’m a founder of this project)
          • Civitas, a stakingpad infrastructure to build web3 community and replace traditional predatory fundraising activities (this is an additional service managed by Smooth)


            For one of the first times in history, individual enthusiasts were able to front-run institutional capital and create generational wealth with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other crypto assets over the past 10 years. Hopefully, Civitas will power a revolution in the crypto industry that enables communities and users to continue front-running institutional and venture capital.

            Please sign up to our private alpha test and help us shape the future.


            Crypto Rookies is a crypto investor, serial entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence and Web3/crypto with expertise in tokenomics and market making. Currently CEO of Smooth, which focuses on solving the problem of 95% of crypto-currencies failing in their first 2 years.

            Smooth prevent such failure by:

            1) Civitas: Community building & Fundraising with AI (don't waste money on marketing & influencers)

            2) SEC-compliant Tokenomics

            3) Market Making (hybrid between stablecoins & altcoins)

            4) Treasury management (10%-100% APY depending on risk)

            This blog channel generates 30,000+ views per month on the topic of tokenomics and crypto investments, so if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please reach out to Crypto Rookies.

            Meanwhile, please feel free to join the various communities I am involved in and do not hesitate to reach out.

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                  Also check out some of the early stage crypto assets that I’m actively using:

                  1. GRVT, it’s a Decentralized zk-powered crypto exchange.
                    1. MarginFi, it’s a peer-to-peer lending protocol on Solana.
                      1. Drift, it’s a Decentralized crypto exchange on Solana.
                        1. Swell, it’s a liquid staking protocol to use in conjunction with EigenLayer.
                          1. Linea, a layer 2 protocol of Ethereum using ZK technology
                            1. GetGrass, a DePIN project for shared internet bandwidth with an upcoming data labeling system

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