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  • Discover t2 : decentralized writing platform with Lens integration redefines content creation landscape 🔎
    • Request Finance cuts transaction fees on Crypto-to-FIAT payments 🌟


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      Remember !

      A few weeks ago, we presented the potential of decentralized social networks, based on the example of Lens Protocol. At the time, this tool was in Beta, accessible by invitation only. The good news is that it's now open to all, and growing fast !

      Link to our previous article : Unlocking the Potential: Why your projet Should Embrace Decentralized Social Protocol like Lens early 🚀

      We wanted to take advantage of Lens' open access to present you with a solution that could well overshadow Substack or Linkedin in a few months or years' time for your newsletter or your corporate written content.

      This tool is called t2.

      Screenshot of t2 website

      What is the tool's vision?

      Instead of trying to explain it to you in our own way, it's best to quote the COO and co-founder of the solution, Sammi Wei:

      Sammi Wei - COO & Co-founder of t2

      “The art of writing and publishing is undergoing a transformative shift, moving away from solitary endeavors to become more collaborative, engaging, and community-driven. Recognizing the challenges and limitations inherent in existing platforms — where fears of obscurity, lack of engagement, and unfair compensation prevail — we want t2 to redefine the way people write and connect online.”


      How does it work ?

      Within t2, there are several territories which could be described as a community space for segmenting the interests of writers and readers. : for example NFTs, DeFi, Web3, Questers, etc.

      You can then carry out 2 types of action in a territory with your corporate content:

      1️⃣ Launch prompts: these are discussion topics for exchanging views on a theme or issue close to your heart,

      Example of a prompt in the web3 territory

      2️⃣ Write posts: these are the equivalent of articles on Substack, with very similar functionalities and formatting.

      Example of a Chain Reaction post in the web3 territory

      Okay, but what's the point ?

      As a web3 project, this opens up a whole new horizon to propel your content in relevant communities.

      t2 has partnered with Lens Protocol, so you can choose to amplify all your content automatically via your Lens account.

      An example ?

      I've chosen to replicate our Chain Reaction newsletter from Substack to t2 from now on because:

      1️⃣ it allows me to leverage all our content with my Lens community, which I've been building up over the last few months. I don't have to start from scratch like on classic social networks,

      Example of our last automatic replication post on Lens for Chain Reaction

      With fewer subscribers than Twitter, the reach achieved with Lens Protocol is incomparable (same post at almost the same time on Twitter) :

      2️⃣ I am sure I have the 100% ownership of my content thanks to the decentralized storage I activated via Arweave (simple setting in my t2 profile):

      3️⃣ I want to help develop this new web3 tool !

      Last but not least

      Each user of the platform is awarded points every week, based on his or her involvement both as a writer and as a reader. This scoring allows users to have a confidence index on the overall involvement of another user on the platform.

      Leaderboards also highlight the platform's most active writers and readers.

      You can consider monetizing your content with the native tip function if you duplicate your posts on Lens 💸 :


      As with any new solution, it's worth testing to make up your own mind, but one thing's for sure: today, it undeniably benefits from the power of the Lens ecosystem. Above all, as a first mover, it could well offer your project an interesting reach reward.

      If you test it, let us know your feedback in the telegram channel.

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      New feature to pay your suppliers in FIAT… with stablecoins

      In our previous article on crypto-to-fiat ramps, we inadvertently overlooked a significant update on Request Finance's features. They've introduced a new functionality : you can now upload all your invoices into their tool and select the preferred payment recipient:

      If you opt for FIAT, you can transfer your USDT or USDC from your chosen wallet, and Request, in partnership with, will seamlessly handle the transaction for a 1% fee. The fee can be cheaper (depends on your plan : from 1% to 0.3%).

      The USDT/FIAT exchange rate is automatically calculated.

      We conducted a trial with EUR payments to European bank accounts and were impressed by the speed—funds arrived within minutes (the promise is “Recipient receives equivalent fiat amount in their bank account in 1-3 business days.”).

      However, we encountered a hiccup : activating international USD payments took longer due to additional KYC verifications, approximately 1.5 weeks. It's advisable to plan ahead for first significant payment.

      While the platform will also supports payroll and expenses, we have yet to test these features.

      For those interested, here's our referral link, which offers 45 days free :

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