I looked at the chocolates, then at her. I picked one up, but before I could eat it, she grabbed my hand to stop me.

-If you're not sure, don't worry. Another time. She said.

-I'm ready, Xocho. Thank you. I replied.

She took another chocolate, and we both ate them at the same time.

-I suggest we go for a walk near our hotel. The effects will kick in within 20 minutes. she suggested.

-Sounds like a good idea. I said as I grabbed my backpack, and we left the room.

It was around 6 o'clock; the sun was setting behind the mountains, and the temperature was perfect for a stroll. Xocho pointed out a narrow street where houses were built from giant stones.

-Look, all the houses are covered in plants.

It was true; the cables spanning from one corner to another were covered in chayote and passionfruit vines, resembling spheres.

-And they're food! I exclaimed.

By this point, I was nervous about what I would feel with the effect. We continued walking, and the whole city began to light up as night fell over the town. When we turned a corner, there was a huge wall, one of the tallest houses in the community. It caught my attention how the rocks shifted and started rearranging themselves into the shape of a large snake. The stones began to move faster, and I watched as the snake started to peel away from the wall when I felt a hand on my arm.

-Has it started? she asked looking into my eyes like a feline looks at its prey.

I looked at her bewildered, then realized everything around me was changing, and I understood that the mushrooms were taking effect.

-It seems like they've already accepted you. Show me what you see, she said.

-There's a snake watching us right there. I added, pointing at the wall.

She looked at the wall, but I could tell by her expression that she couldn't see it.

Then, in a swift movement, the snake emerged and swiftly departed, followed by the name Quetzalcóatl entering my mind.

-Let's follow it, she said.

I turned and smiled because she had seen it too.

The street we walked down was filled with murals depicting the defense of indigenous peoples, and the scent of flowers filled the darkness.

-Nice murals. I think this street leads straight to the hotel. We continued walking without hesitation.

We continued walking, and everything around me was more vivid; the few colors of the night flickered, and suddenly, we found ourselves at the entrance of the hotel.

-Come on, I'll teach you how to meditate. she said calmly.

We entered the hotel's shop and bought two candles. We went to the room, where Xocho laid out a mat, lit a candle, and asked me to sit opposite the candle, just across from her.

-Just focus; you can keep your eyes open, but I recommend closing them and letting yourself go.

-Okay, thanks, I replied.

She closed her eyes and crossed her legs. Suddenly, an ant caught my attention as it walked around the candle, and I clearly saw its antennas moving towards me. Suddenly, a large number of ants surrounded the candle. For a moment, I lost sight of them and focused on the candle's flame, its gentle movement, until I lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I was on the ground, and the smell of petrichor surrounded me. A giant ant had its legs on my back.

-Come on, get up. the ant said to me.

-Wait, you're talking to me. Do you speak Spanish? I asked incredulously.

In reality, you're communicating with me in my language. Come on, we're running late. The ant replied.

Other ants arrived, greeted me with their antennas, and headed in the same direction as us.

-Why don't the other ants speak to me? I asked.

-They think you're an intruder, but I know you're not, the ant replied.

We walked a long way, tunnels were everywhere, and we passed through a section where ants were constantly moving in and out. Some carried forage, others carried eggs to dry areas, and still others were digging more tunnels.

-Do they ever stop working? I asked.

-If we want to conquer the world, we have to work hard, the ant replied.

Some ants greeted me, while others moved their jaws to prevent me from getting closer.

-We're about to enter. Are you ready? the ant asked.

-Ready for what? I was completely confused. Suddenly, I remembered that all of this was a product of my imagination due to consuming the chocolate mushrooms.

-This is not your imagination. The mushrooms allowed you to be here for a purpose, the ant said very sure of herself.

Suddenly, we crossed a tunnel that seemed longer than any we had traveled since I woke up. As we entered, there were several ants of different species, I was sure of that because of the variation in size and characteristics such as mandibles and head.

-Welcome, the ant who brought me there bowed, and I did the same.

-Amelia, nice to meet you. I'm glad you accepted the mushrooms' message. We have a very important task for you. I am a very long-lived carpenter ant queen, and my reign is about to end. We are experiencing a crisis because the soils are becoming more infected, and although our eggs survive, many of the worker ants do not. she said.

His eyes were a mirror, I couldn't believe what was happening. Suddenly another queen ant intervened.

-We understand 80% of the forest biomass and have relationships with the fungi, from whom we feed and help with their reproduction.

-Why am I chosen if I don't even have knowledge of ants or soils? I asked.

-Oh, little Amelia, your mission is to conserve the soils and utilize the knowledge of indigenous communities to provide environmental education about the management and diversity of species in areas like these. the queen replied.

-Let me tell you a bit about our interaction with Leucoagaricus gongylophorus so you get an idea. I remember the history and teachings of our ancestors, who taught us fungiculture. Once one of us is fertilized, we look for a place to nest and plant the fungus in our own feces. Once our worker sisters are born, they dedicate themselves to the care and maintenance of the fungi, where we gather plant fragments that allow the fungus to grow and propagate. The fungus stops producing sporocarps and remains in its asexual phase. This phase provides us with food; pardon me, pardon me, those structures are the hyphae, and with them, we feed our larvae. the queen explained.

- And let me add-another ant chimed in.

That has allowed us to develop antibiotic compounds so that we can control the growth of microorganisms. These positive interactions have allowed us to coexist with other species.

Oh, why all this fuss? They don't even know if she's going to want to be a biologist. I want you to be aware that we're going to dominate the world and that you could find a way for humans to understand that we can have agreements that benefit us.

Suddenly, I stopped hearing them, and I felt dizzy. I tried to respond, but when I opened my eyes, there were no ants around the candle. Only Xocho was meditating, so i closes my eyes and I was left with the idea of my purpose in life.

Conserve biodiversity...