You may plan to write a book some day, but you are living a book every day. The “Great Biographer” is writing the book of your life on the pages of time. Each day is a page, and each year is a chapter.

Imagine yourself walking through the pages of time. Are you a hero or a villain? See your life spread out before you as if in print, in the pages of a book. Would that book be a best-seller, or would it be a book you wish to suppress? Go to some quiet spot and think of the pages of your book. Are you proud of those pages? Can you improve the chapters that are to follow? Can you make the ending better than the beginning?

See the words you speak recorded in your book. See the deeds you do in your life. Moment by moment you are building the story of your life. You control your thoughts and actions as an author of a novel controls the thoughts and actions of his characters. No matter what happens to you in the pages of time, you have the power to react like a hero!

Alexander Dumas wrote: “All the world cries, Where is the man who will save us? 'Don't look so far for this man; you have him at hand. This man is you, me, and each one of us.”