The clock began to strike twelve. The startled Cinderella ran out of the ballroom. She left the ball so quickly that she lost one of her glass slippers. As soon as she came out of the palace the spell was broken. Cinderella went back home with one of her glass slippers.

The prince could not forget the girl who left the ball so quickly. So, the prince searched house by house to find the girl who would fit the glass slipper. However, there was no girl who was able to fit the glass slipper. Finally, he came to Cinderella's house.

The stepsisters fought over the glass slipper and tried it on. Both had big feet and did not fit the shoe. The prince was very disappointed.

"I will try on the glass slipper." Cinderella tried on the glass slipper. The shoe fit her perfectly. Cinderella took out the other glass slipper to put it on, "Ah! It was you." The prince and Cinderella went back to the palace and lived happily ever after.