Hello everyone, this thread elaborates on how the point system of Redstone, the first modular oracle, works. I have published this article in X (twitter as well).

  • What is the abbreviation RSG stands for?

    It's Redstone Gems, a quantitative reflection of your contribution to the Redstone Oracle. You might wonder why a point system? Well it's to recognize and appreciate, and perhaps reward community members who are the most active.

    • Did you know that Redstone points are full on-chain?

      Well it is! Using Warp contracts it’s stored in Arweave blockchain, thus having a greater accuracy. It tracks all your activities including discord messages and reacts.

      • How can you mine RSG? Well, there are many ways. Simply it's by actively engaging with the Redstone ecosystem and its community. You'll be quantified, recognized, and awarded depending on your contributions.
        • This is what their dicord mentions -

          Read their FAQ. Chat, react, and help others. Never spam. You'll be awarded 10 RSG for a message and 1 RSG for a react. You can check the RSG amount you've earned using #warpy (/counter).

          • Hope this article helped you to understand the point system of Redstone Oracle. Next week I will post another alpha article on how to earn a lot of RSG and potentially maximize your Redstone token bag when the airdrop happens.