Pain. What is pain from the perspective of a crypto enthusiast who has lost another opportunity to earn, or from the perspective of a trader who has lost part of their capital. In both cases, there are losses. That is, there is hope, there is anticipation on which an investor, trader, dropshipper relies, and when this hope is not justified, pain arises. Which in itself is absurd, well how can one suffer or be concerned about something that a priori does not exist, well if it does not exist in the imagination and consciousness of a person, it exists, but physically it does not exist...and due to non-existent components, a trader or investor blames themselves, that is, acquires painful sensations (of course, not all do), large ones as for me generally do not feel anything about this except the transience of existence (although of course we do not know this, but can only read in memoirs). It is inherent in humans to spread their own egoism to non-existent (from the point of view of fixed units) things. Even taking a car, you buy a new nice car and scratch it (God forbid) in an accident, and here you begin to identify yourself with this car and perceive it as painful sensations. But why? Why do we love to appropriate or buy things and then associate ourselves with them? The same in investments, if an investor puts money into a certain project and does not benefit from it, why do they suffer? this in itself seems wrong to me. Today in the morning, trading Bitcoin in a long position, I lost part of my capital and it was difficult to accept this fact until the evening, which overshadowed many beautiful moments of life, for me this is not a very healthy trend to suffer or focus on losses or problems or missed opportunities... you need to learn not to notice this but to easily let go, not to worry for a moment about what we did wrong, if it doesn't work out (although not correctly said) when it becomes your second nature, then you will truly learn to make money as easily as possible on the bullish market. Sooner or later, identifying yourself with mistakes, you can sow fear in yourself, which is not a very correct decision for this type of activity. It's just a game. A game with money, with your hard-earned money, but just a game... either you win (no, not the market) but yourself, your fears, your pain, your greed in the end. In the morning when I lost part of my capital (a very small amount), greed and the illusion that I was right overwhelmed me. right that I am doing everything right and the market must react to this instantly. The market is absolutely indifferent to you, it can run over you and me with its irrational roller and that's it. It should be taken into account that the market is not exactly what we imagine. For example, what animal do you associate the market with? Is it a struggle or pleasure? when it becomes a struggle, it is worth stopping. When it is pleasure, it means that you are dancing together with the market, it rocks you, directs you, gives you a vector and you feel this vector. If you are in harmony with the market, it means you are doing everything right. and you listen to what is happening, if you try to impose your will on it sooner or later you will be punished for your audacity and self-confidence. Be open and listen to what the market sings, what it whispers to you, and then luck will not leave you. May the most favorable wind help you on your crypto journey.