Hey all, I am Beachbot, from The Kingdom đź‘‹

We have been building the backstory for The Kingdom’s world of Aesor for two years, and now that we have had our first mint, it is finally time to start writing the backstories for our unique Avatars. I think I will be starting with my favorite Gruul, but have not decided for sure yet.

In my personal life, I have been DMing for a group of friends, some who are life-long players and others for whom it is their first-ever D&D campaign. We spent a lot of time talking about building character backstories with our group before getting started.In this piece, I will share some of the advice I have heard for creating character backstories during my time with The Kingdom and while playing D&D with friends. Whether you are a writer or a role player (is there a difference?), hopefully you will find something here that is helpful to you!

Get Inspired

The best characters will be those that you are excited to play or write about. Consider drawing inspiration from your favorite characters or stories, or embracing emotions and journeys that are meaningful to you personally. As your character comes to life and grows, you’ll learn about yourself in the process.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, really go wild. Or, simply insert yourself in the fantasy world, whatever is more exciting to you. Remember, your character’s views do not necessarily have to be your own!

Identify Key Milestones - TLP

Identify important events in your character’s past to help understand their personal goals and values. By understanding the highs and lows of your character’s life, you’ll gain insight into their motivations and more easily create a consistent character with emotional depth. Are they driven by a need for independence? A longing for redemption? A sense of stability? Why are they like that?