Today, instant noodles have already entered thousands of households, allowing people to enjoy convenience after stressful work. Momofuku Ando, ​​who invented instant noodles, is now 95 years old.

"I am 95 years old and have lived for nearly a century," Ando said in his resignation statement. Before and after World War II, people suffered greatly due to the changes in the times. "After the war, I saw people starving due to lack of food, so I decided to devote myself to In the food industry, I firmly believe that with sufficient food, the world will be peaceful. My purpose in inventing instant noodles is very simple, that is, I hope people can eat noodles anytime, anywhere, with peace of mind, and I will be happy."

Magic weapon for longevity: eating instant noodles

Although he is old, Momofuku Ando has always been in good spirits and healthy, and goes to work every day. When he meets reporters, he will say that he eats instant noodles every day and plays golf twice a week. According to people close to Ando, ​​this is what Ando must say to every visitor. This makes people feel that instant noodles and exercise are his two magic weapons for health and longevity.

Ando said he hopes to hand over the reins while he is still alive, but resigning does not mean retirement. "The company accepted his resignation because he has made up his mind," a Nissin spokesman said, "but he agreed to serve as the newly created position of 'founder chairman' and continue to provide macro advice to the company." In addition, Ando also said , will continue to serve as head of the foundation he founded to promote children's sports and food culture. "In my long life, countless people have helped me and taken care of me; many people like instant noodles, and instant noodles have been with them throughout their lives. I hope to give back to them and thank them for their love and care for me,"