Whether a road is a dead end or a way to live, there must be an exit when you walk in from that direction, but your footsteps must know how to turn, and your mentality must be willing to tell yourself that you have to turn; instead of seeing that there are already walls and obstacles in front of you , you are still unwilling to give up this road, there will be no other way to reach the destination, but when you are on a dead end, your eyes should not and must not only see the end of the dead end; please remember to turn around and look Looking around, if you move your eyes, there are actually scenery and rainbows everywhere.

You may be hindered or blocked by walls, but don’t forget that your steps can turn and move forward and backward. Don’t let the difficulties and dangers ahead tie your steps to the spot. There is not and cannot be only one route to your goal. But your eyes should not only see the dilemma ahead; look for new directions and routes, and perhaps new expectations will appear again. Don't think that you have no other way to go. This is a quagmire created by yourself. Know how to retreat and search again.

We may be trapped by the environment and tied by the route. It doesn't matter, because people will encounter such difficulties more or less, but you have a choice. Can you control your own pace? Do you want to continue to fall into it? It’s better to pull back immediately and look for a new route and direction. It may be slower than the original route, but different routes will always have different beauty and opportunities. You haven’t seen other scenery yet, how can you tell? Which is the most perfect route?

Don't let your footsteps be trapped in a dead end because of your own subjectivity. After all, sometimes our own choices are not the best and most correct, and we often encounter obstacles and high walls because of our own choices. As long as you have to Be willing to see your own mistakes, wrong choices, and wrong directions; mistakes are not something shameful or shameful, but just our nature: unwilling to admit them! It often ties us to our own death.

You must be willing to see the obstacles and high walls ahead, so that you have the opportunity to stop and turn. Don't know that there is a dead end ahead. If you don't want to see it, keep digging in. After all, you know best whether the road ahead is life or death. Only your own mentality can allow you to retreat and find a way out again or turn around to find the next exit. Don't become a dead end where you crucify yourself, otherwise you will lose the qualification to turn.